Koffi Olomide arrested at his home for kicking dancer at JKIA

Disgraced Rhumba star Koffi Olomide has been ARRESTED back in his Country, the Democratic Republic of Congo,the BBC reports.

The singer who was deported back to Congo over the weekend by Kenyan authorities has been having a rough time after he was caught on camera kicking his FEMALE dancer after an argument at the JKIA shortly after his arrival into the Country.

Koffi was expected to perform at the Bomas of Kenya but the show was quickly CANCELLED after Kenyans swarmed social media to call for the show’s cancellation and the arrest of the star.

Koffi was then arrested after a TV interview at Citizen TV and then hauled to the JKIA cells late into the night awaiting deportation.

Upon arrival back at home,the Soukous star was met by a volatile mass of people at the airport who loudly booed and jeered at him as he left in his hired taxi.

An upcoming Koffi performance in Zambia was canceled too as his visa was permanently revoked by the Kenyan authorities.

Koffi might be charged with aggravation and violence.

Below is a photo posted on Twitter of Koffi’s dramatic arrest at his home.

Poor guy, siku ya nyani ya kufa ikifika miti yooote huteleza :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


how is this possible? the alleged crime happened in another jurisdiction.


When trouble comes knocking, it comes with its relatives:rolleyes::rolleyes:


international law allows a state to exercise its jurisdiction where an act affects one of its subjects or the offender is one of its subject. Both Koffi and the victim are From DRC and the state can prosecute him. The only challenge is, for criminal charges to be brought against an offender, there has to be a complainant. If the dancer is not willing to lodge a complaint against Koffi, then he cannot be charged. But i suspect that he fired her after they went back home and in retaliation she has lodged a complaint against him n thats why they are effecting the arrest.




Kenyans amaze me. Only in Kenya and particularly on ktalk can DRC and ADHERANCE TO INTERNATIONAL LAW be used in the same sentence. Pray,what is the worst that could happen to him. Remember, in Africa there exists two sets of laws; one for the rich and another for the poor.

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Already sentenced to a one year jail term.
While here we can’t even jail prezzo.


Hey slow down n take a sit! if u noticed i was responding to his question on whether its possible for another country to prosecute for an alleged crime which occured in a different jurisdiction. I told him it was possible.



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Well, well, well.

It’s reported that he was arraigned in court this morning, found guilty and sentenced to serve one year in the coolers. Seems like the DRC has efficient court systems unlike our 'civilized’ ones.

And we are busy calling them a banana republic of bush men?? Awuoroo_Oo_Oo_O


Napenda sana.

Yeah here Gichuru and Okemo keep getting one adjournement after another from our civilized learned judges.

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Siku yake ilifika…
Uwes huwa anakung fu MWKs zake na hashikwi


Kabila just took advantage of an international incident to jail one of his critics.


Actually Olomide is very close to the establishment. Most DRC artists are.

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There is more than meets the eye.

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What is at play here is called extra-territorial jurisdiction of the local courts- the liability of a person to be tried or punished under any law in force in that territory for an offence committed outside the territory.

Extra-territorial jurisdiction is applicable even in Kenya. I’ll give you two instances.

1. Section 2(b) of the Penal Code:-

2. Except as hereinafter expressly provided nothing in this Code shall affect -

(b) the liability of a person to be tried or punished under any law in force in Kenya relating to the jurisdiction of the courts of Kenya for an offence in respect of an act done beyond the ordinary jurisdiction of such courts.

2. Under Section 41 of the Sexual Offences Act.

41.(1) A person who, while being a citizen of, or permanently residing in Kenya, commits an act outside Kenya which act would constitute a sexual offence had it been committed in Kenya, is guilty of such an offence and is liable to the same penalty prescribed for such offence under this Act.

So all there needs to be is evidence for the prosecuting authorities to build a case. Kwisha.

How will the absence of a complainant influence the outcome of the case, seeing as it is that the legal system in the DRC, due to the French colonial influence, is inquisitorial?