Kodi is dying

Law enforcement authorities have taken major steps against third-party Kodi add-ons and Kodi boxes. As a result, many Kodi repositories have gone offline and are no longer working.
Kulenga hii stress nimehamia terrarium tv. Najua soon the whole thing will collapse.

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Redbox Tv , Mobdro…


Bigups man, si ningejua mapema this goodies


Covenant and Exodus still work fine on mine




Tembelea kituo

Na sio cha kupiga kura wala cha polisi

Was using Ares… the crackdown is in phases, itakuja kuangusha everything

Sasa ni kuingia torrents na kudownliad kila kitu

Thanks. Nimepata uponyaji.

Lo! izeni if you been on it since day one ungejua kuwa wase wakumod waligo into closed groups and shit and you wont be worried and rocking this
iza don know why this folder is showing when i print screen but me pana pata shida have my addons working safe and sound and seems like they pushing the updates havent used for a while but happy support iko

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Kodi is already dead. The other day ilinisumbua I had to uninstall but upon reinstalling I couldn’t add any repo… but I hope hawatakosa ujanja


Tuliacha kodi kitambo.
I have been using terrarium since September. It is the best at the moment.

Mobdro for live sports.

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steps za huyu mpandre zaweza saidia


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niliongea juu ya chromecast na terarium juzi nyangau zikanitusi ati ningebuy KODI box lieni kwa choo

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Nope the mods just made the add ins private…my Kodi iko on point hadi xxx add ons zina work…always tell y’all to get you shit together but MNA ignore …now y’all talking shit cuz you been left out…

just because an addon does not work does not mean that Kodi is dead, it’s like saying Fisk afunge channel yake then claim Telegram is dead

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Url ya ares imekufa…but kodi 17 niliweza kuinstall kwa Android 4.4

Tell her to go for a PG test


Kodi is actually not dead but dying. Some repo bado zinafanya but for how long? The update to Android 5 was just the beginning. Soon those tricks zitafikia mwisho.