Kobia Talking tough


just hilarious , why run after his car when he is getting in his compound ?

This guy needs mood stabilizer medications.

:D:D quite funny. Ukikosa utafutwa

Na kwa hii Video anajaribu kucheza both sides… heheh

Kim Jong-un has a local competitor…

Hawa ni ma bodyguard a ma waiter?

home should be symbolized as a worry free zone. you enter you compound and you relax.

where did he got all thot money ? na anafanya kazi gani ?

syndrome gani hiyo?

impostor syndrome

Yeye na Steve Mbogo, Jared Otieno wako in the same biz ya fool’s gold.

Who is this ? Looks like those Colombians !

Money is good. Comedians can gain massive airtime as they engage in antics and sideshows flanked by waiters.

:D:D:D:D:D:D This is a conman

hehehe. … what a character. he is fishing for trouble. why does he have to punctuate his speech with exhaust sound from a 2010 range rover borrowed from a south sudanese?