Kobe Bryant, was Assassinated said Dr Umar Johnson - Helicopter Sabotage


Kobe Bryant, was Assassinated said Dr Umar Johnson — Helicopter Sabotage

Dr Umar Johnson should stick to clinical psychology. He lowers himself when venturing to these conspiracy things without solid evidence.
Did he ever build that school?

Aaaaaaaand in the latest CNN [SIZE=1]Conspiracy News Network…[/SIZE][SIZE=4]Coronavirus was invented kupunguza mzigo ya dunia…but hey news is news[/SIZE][ATTACH=full]284021[/ATTACH]
largest shareholders in the PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE are [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the World Health Organization and that the aim of the virus was to reduce the world population by between 10 to 15 percent.
Back to kobe’s assasination

The duration of the video is 6:28 minutes and you reply in less than 2 minutes after the video was posted

Stop being myopic…you think you are the only who had or had the video? Ama you are the only one with exclusive rights to Dr. Johnson’s ruminations?
Nikii manlike @Tehuti ?

I get tired by his repetitive way of talking and now that I’ve watched I’m not yet moved.

The video had only 3 views on Youtube when posted.
If you are not interrested by this topic why do you even bother to post here?

There are people here who don’t know Dr Umar Johnson. They have to be forewarned. And in a discussion forum info must be shared

He aint saying shit!!.. he is on some stupid conspiracy theories.

Mbona anakasirika and the way he posts very old news from time to time simply because he does not read other peoples’ posts?
I won’t be clicking. Asante!

I have a big grin on my face. There was a guy hapo UoN who used to call us manlike so and so…ama ni ww?

Yes I’ve noticed that. I like Dr Umar Johnson because he supports black consciousness and black love and he is knowledgeable on clinical psychology.
But listening to him gets you tired very fast because he repeats every other sentence.

And did you explained who is Dr Umar Johnson for people here who don’t know him, instead of ranting?

Yes I pointed out he is good at clinical psychology. Didn’t you read that part?

No, we posted at the same minute

Tunajua his reputation and so akwende na huko na his fake post theories. Can he let Kobe and his daughter rest in peace? just a thought about the remaining family is enough to tear my heart to shreds.

Hii ng’ombe inaitwa @Yunomi ili replace gashwin as the village idler.

Halafu december ianze kusema haina 20k, sijui Uhuru and taxes… SMMFH.

Why would anyone want to assassinate mzee Kobe?

Why do you post without listening to the explanation of a possible assassination motive in the video?

Kobe Bryant had filed a trademark lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company for naming a diet pill “Black Mamba"

He claims the product illegally trades on his famous nickname

Only three views you say? Maybe he was one of the 3…:smiley:

And I have the freedom to post in any thread I feel like…hata kama thread ni ya umefi ama reply ni mefi