Known D. Dealers & Other Illicit Traders In Kenya

Akasha Family
Heroine M_ _ _ u
Villiam Kabuffalo
Michael Sokwe
Sultan Juha


Fagia kwako shenzi

Ati Akash family made the mistake of making their supply’s locally available.

Others like “juha” and “Heroine M_ _ _ u” only facilitate import from south America and onwards shipment into Europe with no local leakage.

Nakumatt was a great supermarket chain! I really miss it!

Kabufallo killed a University girl who got drunk and talked too much

Hii mambo ya kwaribia watu majina might one day catch up with you. After working hard you will buy a nice car and may be build an eye catching house. And then a joker may start a rumour. Anauza unga! Finito!

Man up and name them - Mwau, Kabogo, Sonko, Joho - acha kujificha.

selling drugs to American dealers or Citizens ni death sentence

Drugs zinauzwa mchana in the alleys and backstreets za Odeon, Tea Room na Modern Coast areas. Boys in blue provide protection.

Jummu Kinyassa

Usisahau Chalis Chagua

Stew Mboga

And this other ninja who was running for an MP seat near CBD

Kwanza ilikuaga na rizzla zingine kali kali. flavors na all types. It was just an awesome place for stonners

NACADA uses the importation and sale of rizzla to estimate how much ndukulu is being sold.

Ilikua na DIY section that was very well equipped.

I think I did not leave enough clues… But then Who were it’s owners?