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Elders niko na shida. My son has always wanted to do a course in Nursing lakini hii system ya Jambazi iko na maneno.
He got a B- of 55 points obvious he cant do a degree in Nursing. so we applied for a Dip at KMTC thru KUCCPS. Juzi nimepata SMS that he cant be admitted for a Dip, that all students with C+ and above should apply for degree courses.
Sasa you wonder who advises these Ministries. Ukipiga simu huko ,wanakwambia they can only pick students thru KUCCPS.
Whats the best way guys.

hongo my fren, huko vacancy nikununuliwa

jipeleke in person


Two options:

  1. If you have money, take him to a private uni and pay for his Nursing course.

  2. Let him join uni for any course. While in uni (I think the first two weeks), new students are allowed to change courses. Its called intercourse transfer. The cut offs during this process is ussually lowered. He could join Nursing. But during this process, fika shule and demand a one on one with Dean of Academics. You might be required to bribe him. It’s easy since the change is at “University level” and not at KUCCPS level.

optional : Let Him Take Bridging courses for Nursing. I dont how this works and if the gava will sponsor his degree


Another option. Walk into your nearest KMTC, demand a meeting with the PRINCIPAL. Watakuchanua on how to proceed.

ALL IN ALL, Do things physically, not through online


principals wako na viti zao.

wa nyeri kmtc alikula 150k kama 3 yrs ago cuzo akaingia huko


If you have the means, mpeleke private college ya nursing ama umlipie self-sponsored program kwa KMTC. I believe hata KMTC pia inazo.

Kama ni ngumu, let the chap go through a kawaida degree program, then akimaliza, muanze kuona vile atafanya nursing. That four year period, saka pesa viwazimu ya kumpeleka KMTC ama some nursing program.

Warning: Usipeleke kijana nursing Tanzania. I have had the displeasure of listening to medics who’ve worked with Kenyan nurses that were trained in Tanzania and ni machos through and through ndio mi huona wakitoa.

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What about UG? Btw how much do private hospitals charge for this course? Do catholic
owned hospitals offer this?

Mpeleke consolata mission hospital, mathari, nyeri county

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Tafuta affordable private colleges that offer nursing. sanasana huko western na Nyanza

Avoid MKU at all costs.

Yes peleka yeye hapo kama uko na pesa.

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Patiana mkia tight

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Go in person. This is Kenya.

Hehehehe …
In his case , it will probably be a “Bend Over” Transfer … :joy: :rofl:


Why nit MKU?

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Grease a few hands. You can still take him to KMTC but sasa you will pay for the fees.

Kwani ni how much per year? Or term?

Na Mortuary science atapata vizuri

That’s a small problem with money and sweet mouth

Catholic Mater Hospital