kjones extreem

The Jameson Connect event took place last
weekend at the Uhuru Gardens and khaligraph jones stunned the audience when he was brought to the stage in a white coffin by a gang of guys. This was part of his performance for the song ‘Gaza’ where he also appears in a casket.




Here is the Gaza video


like seriously???hii ndio video nilikuwa nauliza jana.sante sana…hii ni ushetaniiiiii


Let;s pray against the Illuminati and Devil Worship

Seated in heavenly places, far above evil, having power over the enemy, we bind and cast down the demonic chain of command: Might, Thrones, Nobles, Kings and Princes over Kingdoms, Principalities, Dominions and Powers, Generals, Rulers, Captains, Centurions and Strongmen, Rulers of Darkness of this World and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.

We send legions of warring angels to attack. We loosen the powers of God to do a mighty battle. We bind every force of evil and loose every force of good that we have the power and authority to do so. We break curses, vexes, hexes, spells and demonic ties.

We use every verse in the Holy Bible that wars against the demonic forces. We bind and loose spirits. We command civil war in Satan’s Kingdom.

We loose the Love of God, Price that Jesus Paid, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Blood of Jesus against the forces of evil.

All these things we do in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Remember how Octopizzo rode that Illuminati gimmick out and came out on top …

Controversy sells all the time, more so if you throw some religion bullsh.t. The problem with being “number one” is you have to constantly retain your relevance.

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Ezekiel Mutua ataban mtu


So,do they buy the casket ama anaazima?

Huyu ezekiel anafanya hata siwezi ona matako na starehe kw music findiosz