Kivutha Kibwana- the next prezzo

Officially getting out of the umbrella. Will he be rained on or otherwise get some good air. Time will tell.

Wait for the Mud…
But will it stick?

Lakini mnapatanga wapi nguvu za these kind of jokes. 2022 is a race between Baba, Sugoiman and maybe one of the lame donkeys of OKA. Baba will of course win!

So in short you mean 2 horses and a pony…

The precedence has already been set.


In the .ke presidential race, there is no space WHATSOEVER for a person who is not a well know thief.


As long as you are not arriving and covering the common bonobo in dust from ur choppers , doing a silly jigg and throwing insults when you hold the mic , you will not see the presidency ,Kibutha , Muhisa are too good for this shit hole !


no need to waste his time apakwe matope aaribu jina

2022 will be the worst election because every Tom, dick and Harry is trying to vie…

It only calls for a coalition of giant proportion which means watu watakula Mali ya umma like shyet

Maliza kukunia kwanza kabla upayuke

We suffer from state capture, any newcomer with fresh ideas has all the odds stacked against them. Start with the enormous finances needed, then the blind tribal loyalty and the use of state machinery…anyway a man can try, maybe after five attempts like the Zambian guy he will emerge a front runner.

When a clean contender appears, all the thieves come together to first get rid of him/her.