Kivutha Kibwana on Citizen tv.

He has said that he definitely has what it takes to lead the nation, sijui kama mmeona. More to follow.

But then after seeing his massive official palace, I don’t know… he just looks like the other looters.

Meanwhile super cars today look like the manyangas of the early 90s. Or like the wire cars kids used to make decades ago. These rear ends below are not new to me.

That loud sporty styling was popular in the late eighties and early 90s with cars like the 190 E EVO2 and the BMW M3 and even our local matatus.



Hizi ni gari za Kivutha ama?

wacha zako wewe. :D:D

Kivutha ni Mwizi wa magari, just like Ruto no Mwizi wa mashamba. Is that your message?

looting lazima anafanya maybe not to the catastrophic levels of other governors. usitake kujua ile bonge la mansion 001 amejenga pale vipingo county number 003. kisha his crib pale english point we wacha boss.

hii kenya na hii pesa iko na wenyewe na sio sisi.

Issorait bora uhai

Hizo maridadi contrary to hizo matatu unasema are functional. Gari imepita testing kwa wind tunnel. For example hizo fins hapo chini.

Zingine ni maridadi tu to please customers. It is what is hot right now and everyone is doing it. Carbon fiber everywhere, giant spoilers, huge fins… It’s the flavour of the month. From Mercedes to Bmw to Buggati to the Vanquish zagato etc.

That is the design of the moment. I guess it goes well with the new collectible sneakers nowadays similarly colourful, loud and outrageous. Another throw back to the 1980s.

Check out these rides below, ni kama gari za plastic for teenagers. Sharp, outlandish batmobile like, plastic edges everywhere.

A few years from now they will then ask, “What the f*ck were we thinking in 2019?”

Look at this… done by Mansory modification and Aurum international of Germany.
These Lamborghini Urus SUVs look like a matatu. I think they stole the concept(s) from Kenya.


Bentley bentayga: