Kivutha Kibwana endorses BBI- Another watermelon?


He is following the will of the people.


We agreed that MCAs should respect the will of the people who endorsed the BBI amendment proposal from the recent Public Participation fora

si juzi ametuma spanner chieths wake walie kwa media ati amewekwa nje conversation

Bwana langat, dry your eyes…

Was that Mutua or Kibwana ?

A wise man changes his mind, don’t be surprised to see Rigathi Gachagua showing Ruto the middle finger down the line.

He was whitewashed by Kava Kabogo yesternight in an Inooro Teefee debate called Kililimbi au kiririmbi.

si namuona na Mutua kwa hio endorsement

Nili-watch part one. Tangatanga will have a hard time selling their vision in Mt. Kenya.

I am not a Kikuyu but the comments from the show speaks a lot

Kivutha Kibwana can and will never be an alternative. Let everyone choose his better devil and better poison mapema.
For me to hell with Dyanasties and their surrogates

With time tutawajua. They will align and re-align before 2022. None of these people is sleeping at night wondering who is backstabbing who, who is scheming with who…
Very good.

BBY must fall. The only project napitania na Wamashati

That’s why we will never have a Kamba president.History is they collaborated with colonialists’they never change’

Orengo walai na si huwa anakulia Raila?

Any who, the only good Kambodian are their women. Wanaume wanakuanga na kaujinga kiasi.

By kesho zote zitakuwa zimepitishwa

mtaambiwa marangapi politics in Kenya is purely tribal, kila mtu atafuata demigod wake, am sure if tomorrow ruto says yes, all his minions will shift for it, so feelings muweke kwa mfuko na mgonjee new alignments by next year then you pick your poison then whine for the next 5 years as you claim there wasn’t any better alternative. Is there really any?

acheni mafeelings kwani nyinyi ni wamama…

Will of the people.?

This guy conspicuously sat at the fence during Senate’s voting on Sonko’s impeachment.

We wacha. Kabufaro was outfoxed by the heavy tongued nyerian. Lost his cool at some point. Debating is not for wannabe alpha meos.