Kiuliso tu!

Is there anything that can be done to make these kungurus a wife material?



pea yeye mimba, ingia embobut forest. Don’t ever try to tame a wild animal

The wall also works… Or a basement + duct tape…

have u tried domesticating a zebra

Who told you that they are all whores or broke? Kuna njaruo moja iko hapo na inaishi lifestyle very expensive that none of you here can service.

Si mliskia jana Nakhumicha ako na kshs 101 mirrions na hio ni on the lower side. She probably dresses like that when she goes out. A few months back some boda boda goons undressed a lady who knocked one of them down ir something like that. But it was clear that there was an element of jealousy from boy child.

You have seen Linet Toto crossing the social leader and leaving that boda bida chap to wallow in misery, poverty and obscurity. Hakuna kitu mnaeza ambia Nakhumicha na Toto juu hamfiki bei.

Making this kungurus wife is possible but after long reflection and acceptance of kusalamiana na chokoras Kama @sludgist the filthy homosexual.
Ni Kama kupanda miwa karibu na shule

muikamba nita kufinya ile pahali

to the left saitani ashindweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


@The guy, are you considering keeping one? :D:D

Uliza Denis Okari he tried and got the results.

Watadinda bey ya wanchwani

Time will make them wife material

Just like mzito Hugh Hefner said…some women believe their bodies are for pleasing men.Pick yours,enjoy and move on.

As a man is good to differentiate between a Malaya and a wife…if you want to domesticate a woman as a wife, never entertain behaviour such as drinking alcohol or smoking weed with her, because this will have leathal effects in your marriage.

This specific one msee aangushe IG or number. Seen her a few times kwa hizi picha and I want to increase the mileage[ATTACH=full]473313[/ATTACH]

The reason I don’t look twice on an alcoholic woman, even if we are related . Aibu tele.

Most kungurus are singo mathas or drug addicts, so no

Yes something can be done. Actually many things e.g being a captain save-a-hoe, simping, compromising your self worth, having a scarcity mindset etc. Make your pick lakini usirudi kulilia kijiji baada ya kuoa kahaba