Kiulisio - nini husumbua huyu mumama


Wacha Wazee wakumbuke , sioni makosa hapo

Na bia huandamana na kanyama

Angalau yeye na je wewe?

If taken responsibly beer is healthier than soda and some fake juice

Beer is better than water. Beer was invented to replace water due to contaminations. muache siasa za ocha na dini za umeff, watu wakule skukuu ara!

I see no problem with that. Are disabled meant not to get high… pebble sized minds

Is there a morality clause against beer? Let the old men enjoy Christmas.

I second. Onyesha lap dance

nothing wrong with beer on Christmas day

I see nothing wrong,let’s them drink…

Wacha wazee wafurahie Bana. Hata altar wine inakuwanga na 12% alcohol by volume.

Nothing wrong except may be for her taking photos while supposedly engaging in charity.