Kitunguu ya Tinder - endeleeni kunukisha


Wapi under23

Alisema yeye hulipa 20K / $200

Niliacha kulipa, the subscription ilikua a
measly 1k a month but rate of return iko down. All u get is stuck up girls with lots of attitude / prostitutes
Tinder isn’t worth shit. Ranks like number 4 out of my top 5.
Nakumbuka mwanzo wa mwaka hakukua na tinder gold. Ilikua tinder plus.
Infact cupid na tinder ziko level moja. Tied at number last.

tafuteni @under23 yeye ndo hulipa 20k kuchat na malaya

Inaonekana rental houses zako hazileti pesa

under23 ushai uliza mamako alipendea babako nini?

Hii Kijiji imejaa watu obsessed na lanye

Ungekuwa mpoa kwa hesabu your returns could have been higher

When prostitutes reject you with your money… Just know you are a zygote…CHIETHMAN!!!

I am anti-prostitute I can sniff them out from miles away. Nikiona tu picha flani automatic block
Said it 10,000 times over.
Tusibishane prizz

The angels on TINDER,TAGGED are SAINT malayas

Nimekamuwa wengi from tinder yet I’ve never paid for any extra charges on tinder n never dealt with flesh peddlers
I mostly use tinder while in Mombasa naangukia walami n fine fyn young gyals that just wanna have fun


atleast some people understand

But the guy has said he has never paid. Kwani uko down mpaka you need to pay to get more chances in order to increase your probability of matching someone?

You think a decent lady will parade herself on Tinder? Unamaanisha pokoste zote za Nai zilikukataa ama nini?

@njoti did you read your reply before posting it…its a study in how not to contradict yourself…

same as buying bundles za simu. kuna mwenye atabuy ziishe noon mwingine 4p.m mwingine midnight
alafu wengine watabuy zuku / fibre
Are we really arguing over 1k?
alafu ata after u pay unapewa limitless swipes huoni value
coz all u get is attitude and prostitutes
which i proceed to block nabaki na 10 matches