Unfortunately the Mombasa based Paracetamol guru will not be on the ballot. IEBC has no alternative other than taking the DCI recommendation which shall be out anytime from now. The chest thumping dealer who deals with asorted aspirin items, cooked his own goose. #Nonexistents


Ngoja akimbie court na lawyer wake in tow utameza kiwaru. Until iebc itoe final list tuliza kende

Kitumbia ni nini? brare villager

only the judiciary can declare Joho a forger of fake academic certificates or declare his degree from UG null and void in Ke, for now ako ndaaani ndani ya kinyang’anyiro cha ugavana wa mombasa.

IEBC will not risk passing Joh’s papers…they will reject his papers a few hours from the deadline…he will not be able to do anything…arudi shule,afanye KCSE then tukutane 2057

Mkutane na yeye wapi?


Mzee kama wewe pia ni @Web Dev er?

Brare chieth! Nani hajui how this Kenyan govt system works…Where are your facts

Samea yeye, guy was so excited with the news he did not prove read before posting.
I have edited.

Monobolic ni proofread ama 1996 kcse mlikua mmeambiwa ni proveread?


Yaani mono anataja prefect ni kama wao husoma introduction to Ktalk pamoja? Watoto wa siku hizi mmekosa heshima sana

Joho was my classmate.

If IEBC rejects his papers, courts will just rule to have him on the ballot, until the case is heard and determined in 2018…

Certified as urgent

Somo la leo: U do not throw stones when u live in a glass house

If it is not Odunga, the IEBC’s decision could be upheld. This is a clear-cut case of fraud.

Shida ya 8-4-4=0