Kitui ladies

I sometime back went to Kiri for a three month job assignment. There was this yellow yellow who owned an mpesa shop. She had harassed me several time for the obvious id nonsense but later adjusted to the fact that I don’t carry mine always. It’s the only mpesa in that Shopping Centre. Then we became friends, started flirting and the hyenaism part of me woke up. I asked her out and scheduled it the next day. She asked me where we would go so I let her choose, practising the fisist rules by ole weru the strategist, to make her feel comfortable. She was to get to venue then call me as I had a company vehicle and dint want to be seen with her by workmates. And truly she did call. But where was she. She wanted to be taken out at a local joint where I frequent every evening for a date!!! I just faked an emergency and told the waiter to send me her bill. It’s like she wanted everyone in the neighbourhood to see that I was with her. Noooo. .noooo. madem wa kitui, hii ni story gani sasa???

Hehe so what happened thereafter?

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I still had to keep the friendship coz I needed her mpesa services more often. But I had to keep it at that. Business only

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SMDFH…so hapa Kitui ladies inaingilia wapi? Najaribu kufanya deductive, reductive, inductive, abductive reasoning na zote haziingiani. Nimejaribu pia seductive, bioactive, coercive na bado. MEANING…your hekaya=chieth. Ahsante.


@MyStyle your style is pretty comprehensive…


NV you are the problem. Kindly visit a psychiatrist and ask him to check whether you are really sane.

just say ulinyimwa kitu after pesa yako kuliwa,wacha kusumbua wazee wakilewa mnazi


I would never lie about kukaushwa pussy. When you go hunting, you don’t always come home with the prey. Not unless you always run after the old or sick. It’s that what the game interesting. Kama uliwinda 30min na ukapata,na unaenda kinya mnazi, hiyo ni nyanya ama ni mcheap.mzeeee!!!¡!

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Can’t relate
Toothless male always run for mbochs na madem wa mbetha

Hakuna kuma imekaangwa.

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My wifey is from Kitui, my whole life has changed since we met. @Deorro nitafutie Differences by Ginuwine uweke hapa.

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Leta hekaya bana…sio kituwacha henging like thet

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Maybe. Will thank you later when I identify the level of my sanity

Ï Will not say that you are toothless coz ï Will not handle the insults ï Will get from your mbochs but thé number of teeth you Got is definitly questionable

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Sikupita hapo

So whats the problem if you were seen with her?

alishaweka hii hapa so sijui kama it was change for the best or worst


Yote Tisa, hii apana hekaya.

Thanks wacha nisome