Kitu safi

[ATTACH=full]48803[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]48802[/ATTACH] lamba tu kwa machoo

Mtu kama ako na tatoo…wachana naye. If she can bear the pain of such, your small d*ck will be just like a newspaper wrapper.

Unless u want to stab her to death with your d*ck…your statement make no sense…


That’s the comparison between a d*ck and a tattoo punkhead

tattoo aren’t painful

Hapo sawa nv… Leta singine

Do you have one? Is it from experience or hearsay?

Huyo ako on the left anakaa beste yangu fulani…A dude…ni venye tu nimweusi…ningempigia simu nimuulize kama amekuwa shemale…


I believe there are more painful things than tattoos and yes I have one


K is the constant of proportionality.