Kitengela quartet - Jack’s family is suffering

Monday, 17 May 2021 – The mysterious disappearance of Jack Anyango, a member of the infamous Kitengela 4 criminal gang, has taken a heavy toll on his mother and wife.

Anyango’s wife, Monicah Mugo, was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital on Friday after suffering a miscarriage.

According to Monicah, life has been very tough ever since her husband disappeared.

She is struggling to provide for their two-year-old son since she is a housewife.

She has also vacated the apartment that she was living in with her missing husband in Jacaranda and currently, she is living with her sister.

When her husband disappeared, she was 6 months pregnant.

She lost the pregnancy on Friday after developing complications.

“Life has been tough for me and our two-year-old son.

“I have not been able to live in our rental house out of fear. I have been putting up with my sister,” she said.

Anyango’s mother, Olga Ochieng, aged 64, was also rushed to the hospital last week for stress-related problems.

According to reports, Ms. Ochieng is battling for her life at Homa Bay County hospital.

The whereabouts of Anyango remain unknown, one month after he was abducted alongside his three friends in Kitengela.

Sasa tuwasaidiaje? Those are the wages of sin, wawache kutusumbua.

I thought one guy was found dead, common wisdom says they should assume the others met the same fate and going by the back story they were not straight guys and maybe a mission failed or gava had them put down,

Ujinga ya kibonobo hii

My sympathies are with the victims of their husbands’ thuggery

umbwa hao wakufe wote