Kitambi ya bibi

Am a bit stressed Kitambi ya wife has doubled since first child… Am no longer proud kutoka na yeye nje. How can I reduce to its original state?

Sit-ups na changaa ,na bibi munaenda naye wapi?

Why no reply?

changaa is no

Age together.

Have you told her that you feel uncomfortable with it?

Is she uncomfortable with it?

Ease her into a workout plan… pia nasikia sikuizi kuna flat tummy tea.

You’re a pathetic excuse of a man. The problem is you.


Io title infanya nihisi kucheka… out of curiosity how big is it?

How is he the problem?

Je wewe? Uko na kitambi

Mlipie gym lakini ujue gym rats will do a test drive to make sure mambo iko sawa

First you need to understand the changes that a woman’s body goes thru after birthing. Its only then that you will be in a position to find a solution to the changes brought about by her birthing your brood… Getting her to go along with your solutions,hapo baba utajisaidia. One question will be ‘oh,so umekuwa ukiona wengine wenye miili mizuri kuliko hii?’…


Hataki gym na nikimshow anaanza kulia

itabidi uzoee tu.juu ‘sasa utaambia watu aje’ msipoonekana pamoja?

:oops: :oops:


:smiley: sijui kwa nini nacheka
And why would the drum cry?

hii ndio conclusion…ukweli