Guiness na nyam chom kila weekend,(Fri,sat,sun) for the next 6 months


:D:D:D:D:D:D:DLet him continue holding 'em trees as we find a solution from a gyna.

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What Prestige is there kuwa na Kitambi ? Seriously Kenyans ! ! ! ! About 3 yrs ago, a Ghanaian workmate went out to a Kenyan gathering, on coming back to work the following Monday, he pressed me hard as to why my stomach was flat.


kunywa dawa ya minyoo na uache kula kwa mapipa peasant

Kunyua uji ya wimbi kwa wingi lakini chunga usipate masaibu kama Jimmy munene was Kilimani mums.

fombe na nyama


Self esteem issues.Usiilazimishe ati ndio ufurahishe older women.Hao older women wanaiita ati kukonda tumbo:D

kunywa uji

Boss, you must be very stupid to wish for a kitambi. That thing is disgusting and I don’t think women like it. If you get one, consider never removing your T-shirt/vest in public watu wasitapike. The guys can’t even go to a swimming pool. If you insist, kula chips na pombe often ama daily


Just get a wife. From the slopes of Taita hills preferably. Mwanamke aliye ujuzi wa kukuandalia manofu kila siku.

Eat a lot of calories

Kitambi utapata if you take nyam chom + beer preferably Tusker. The problem ni wakati kataingia kadogo na kaanza ku threaten kuongezeka. Apo ndo unaingia gym unaona bado haisaidii. Nakumbuka nkiingia sauna and almost passed out afta kueka too much eucalyptus temps zikapanda above 71 degrees for 10 mins continously in an attempt to sweat 1 litre ndio Nkajua niachane na beer kwanza nchape puthy viserious. Anyway am just sayn you be prepared for what you wish for.

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@MANKI lack of kitambi is a blessing. Kuitoa after ikuje ni kazi ngumu sana. Luckly I do not own one too, despite the ability to feed and fuel one.

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Hii kitu wachana nayo ni stress

why do you want to grow one.itakukatsia na pia imalizie your significant other levels za pleasure

just a small one, ya kushikilia at least shirt

BTW this is me.being past that age of youth…I find guys if my age and older who don’t have tambis sexy.they cut a suave and heathy looking figure. so don’t sweat it

oya mujamaa uko na minyoo mingi zinadishi food kwa tumbo

Eat 4-5 times a day, morning four eggs on top of two chapos, ten oclock, two cups of tea with buttered half loaf, lunch time chips and half chickecn and a coke half litre, dinner/supper half beef/pork/… and ugali and at least three gunuiness, one month later, thank your kitambi.