kumbe drumpf ali-approve![ATTACH=full]303048[/ATTACH]

alafu mossad ikaMaliza chinaMan

The Communist Party of China has to let Xi Jinping go, if at all China wants to improve it’s relationship with the rest of the world.
Xi, will be ths sacrificial Lamb.

Dream on. This is going to war. Naona next year.

Why go to war ? Chinese economy does well when American consumers are doing well.
If that balance is threatened, China will be on rhe receiving end.

Maoni ya Patco na Purple ni gani

If Trump cuts off relations with China , the US will be cut off from the rest of the world
thats the bottom line

China has no spine to Trump. Just Signed an Executive Order That would force most American Corporations to rethink their relationship with China. [ATTACH]303060[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]303060[/ATTACH]

never seen a signed piece of paper that kept its agreement
what happened to the rainbow alliance ?
What is now happening to jubilee ?

Wewe kwani hujui embassy ni extension ya nchi???

If the Mossad did set foot on that embassy it would be considered an invasion on Chinese soil! The embassy is not part of Israel, that is considered Chinese soil.

Ndio maana Assange hangeguzwa kama amejificha embassy.

Ambassador hata gari yake haisimamishagwi ama kukaguliwa. Chinese usually use that opportunity to steal ivory from Africa.

In short it would be a dumbass move on the part of the Mossad.

wacha maneno patco… mtaOngea mbele my fren

Na tena ile security inakuwaga embassy, Mossad wangepitia wapi???

Most times an ambassador is guarded by some form of special forces. Niko sure hata pale Gigiri for instance kuko na akina Navy Seal uwesmafuthi na marines kadhaa. Na snipers.

Remember the Dusit incident? The British SAS guy who helped clear Dusit, I believe was attached to the British embassy. Embassies are usually guarded by the very best.

Kijana tulia:D
people’s riberation army council ita toa report yake kesho

Ambassadors are ceremonial people.

Look for a documentary by the Award Winning British Journalist John Pilger it’s called The Coming War with China. It’s a few years old. Was pulled down from You Tube. But I saw it back courtesy of RT. It is then that I understood the duplicity of The West regarding the South China Sea. And the inevitability of war became so apparent I wondered how I had missed it before. Peace always makes more sense than war…yet wars still exist. Why? War is not logical.

Enda pale gigiri na ile bow and arrow umetayarisha kufukuza okuyu nayo come 2022, kisha ukuje uniambie how “ceremonial” the ambassador is.

So you can’t think it’s possible he was done dirty outside the Embassy akarudi kwenda kukufia huko ndani, eeeh?
It doesn’t have to be something foolish and obvious.