Kisuum Dala ! ! !

Donge Omera ! ! !


Apana cheza banaa.

Covid 19 will spread like bush fire.

There is no social distancing at a party.

Na bado hawajachukua sirkal…

I think Jaluo, with his heavy spending will be good for the economy.

Punguza chuki Okuyu.

Parade za Rio ndio zao

The very definition of economy is low spending.

Banks only f

Definition of economy is money circulating.Ulisomea Economics wapi wee mbwa mzee.

You were being economic when you refused to buy roll-on for your wife, sasa ananuka jasho kama wale malaya huwa unakula.

LOL. I was being economical coz there is no point of spending ksh1970 times two when roll on za nyumbani hazijaisha. You don’t grow rich by spendthrifting the little money that you have worked so hard to make. My wife is just here next to me sleeping. You and your next four generations will die before bearing any scent close to my wife’s. Wale Malaya nakula ni madhako na masistako wanaoga na sabuni ya panga.

Oh so suddenly you now understand being economical means careful spending. Mbona ulikuwa unajifanya mjinga before? Ni matusi ndio zimeactivate your brain cells?

Jaruos wanajua real meaning of YOLO