Kisumu equity branch under sieke

Who has the 411?

Equity Bank has outlived it’s usefulness. No longer under state protection. Saa hii ni kui-chomea kabisa

Alafu nasikia Mwangi anasupport Ruto

Won’t be surprised “wezi” ni plain cloth police.

Highly possible

then the police rob the bank during “investigations” alafu papers say unknown amount is missing along with a suspect

What’s with members of the public gathering next to a scene where bullets are flying? They think ni kama ndrama ni kama findio?

Bonobo IQ

Kenya hakunanga story ya hostage negotiations. Ukipatikana ndani na police storm the place gun ablaze mnakuwa collateral damage.

Hio ndio raha ya JJJ. Very brave fellas.

That’s stupid bravery. One day Al shabaab (God forbid) will teach them how to take cover when they will set a small explosion to attract the bonobos, and then set off a massive secondary explosion.

Wanapenda kuwa eye witness, lazima waone bullets na wachukue videos wa watafute likes