Kisumu City

Like I said, nlikua usagoo majuzi, and as usual, I had to see a few friends pale Othus since its only 30 minutes down the hill ([FONT=courier new]anoho nirivehi @123tokambio ?[/FONT]).
Kisumu has one of the cleanest CBDs in the country I dare say. And also a bit more orderly than your average Kenyan Town. Less Noisy on a normal day. Huko NEMA ikienda sijui watakulia hongo wapi.
There is also a distant Mombasa flair to the place especially in the downtown area when going down towards the lake.
Its quite tucked in as a place to reside. However, this place shares a common problem with other towns across the country like Thika, Nyeri, Machakos, Kitui and other sizable towns. I feel like there is something that comes with diversity. Degree of cosmopolitanism if you may. Most Towns with higher levels of this phenomena tend to be more enjoyable to live in. More business friendly, colorful even though explosive wakati wa siasa.
I feel like there are smaller towns with better diversity than Othus. While its size and facilities it offers makes it the outright Capital of the Wesside, It can’t compete with some Towns that it should not be in the same league with, like Eldoret (business), Nakuru (Business)…you know.

Kuna design my cousin alisahau Kibaraghashi kejani akakua uncomfortable kiasi ikabidi tuanze kutafuta cha kununua pale town. Ilibidi tucross town tuende Msikitini Kule Garissa (ya Kisumu), to get one. And it was significantly pricey compared to other places in the country. I feel like this would not have been the case if the city was more diverse. And it just feels wrong when it seems like Chiswahiri doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get by in a Town as big as this.
Bottomline, Kisumu iko mbele kama mfuko wa shati. Lakini naomba Monyenye, Moseti, Nafula, Njoroge, Njeri na Mutua wahamie huko kiasi saidi na wakaribishwe. Itasaidia hio jiji.

[FONT=courier new]Ero Kamano Wakumbwa, wanere.[/FONT]


githeri battalion in 321…

Kisumu is expensive. Lakini hakuna pressure ya maisha. But unaonekana huku biashara ni nzuri due to the high population.

Kisumu ni kuzuri, but kuhamia huko, hapana, wenyeji hawataki wakikuyu kwao.

Thanks for bringing pictures with real Kienyejis, not the bleachers. Na huyo jamaa amewasha fog lights mchana Kwa nini?

I hope that changes sooner

it is only the buildings that need a makeover. it is clean and very old. You find a boma smack in the city centre

Hopefully, Baba leo ameongea kama statesman, hope it helps.

Hiyo ni subaru STI yake…mwache tu. :slight_smile:

Hehehehe sawasawa

My business neighbour here in Shinyeyestan used to have a thriving transport busineess in Kisumu in 2007.

They burned his trucks and yard and he moved back to his home area. In the years since, we have witnessed the ransacking of Tumaini supermarket and other businesses every time there’s political discontent. Just last year, they burnt Kisii and Kalenjin buses and matatus, as well as the business of a long-time Kalenjin inhabitant. Why would anybody risk it?

tafadhali hatutaki malaya mboka,
Pili, senye ya kisumu hau chuuzwi (senye is not hawked)
3, ungeuliza ungeambiwa, then wewe ni peasant nini?, huko chini ndo senye huwa cheapest, ungejaribu uptown ingekua bei ya ngombe

makofi kwako, day one i see u applauding baba, safi lakini kaka.

except they go dump the waste near the stadium making what should be an enjoyable afternoon watching football on the very nice turf a very stinky affair.

Baba nì Jamba…

I thought they were relocating it?
It must be a real mountain now.

i don’t know if they have gotten round to it but when i was there in september it was a mountain.

Wapi picha za nam Lolwe?

I couldn’t agree more. I stayed in othumo for two weeks and I made similar observations.

kisumu needs investment. this place almost looks the samw[ATTACH=full]161738[/ATTACH]