kisumu central repeat primaries

Wapi correspondent wetu Wa iyo area atupatie the low down am rooting for OUDA I believe izo viti ni a form of employment na uyo MCA anfaa aikule.

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The opposition Civil Wars continues at pace


Me I want Nyong’o to face repeat. You cannot be declared winner in a secluded forest shrine 70 km from the voting stations!!:D:D:D

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Not sure if its true or propaganda but i saw someone say that Ouda won with 6694 votes against Onyango Oloo’s 4991, Ken Obura was third with 1040


Kwani the deadline for submitting nominees names to IEBC ilisongeshwa?

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Ouda won, he is the guy who stripped in protest some time back.

Onyango Oloo chose tribe over being a national leader. The tribe didn’t see much in him. Let him rot in irrelevancy.


Si ni pewe iyo Kazi ya advisor Wa onyango oloo. Simple tokea jubilee and bring that dossier you claim to have then vie for Nairobi senatorial…


Dossier gani na hakuna, onge!

Onyango Oloo and Isaac Mwaura ni kitu moja, biting the hand that fed them.

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Ken Obura lost I guess, my Hall 9 campus friend turned tenderprenuer

He was unpopular, one of his agents was arrested yesterday while attempting to stuff ballots.