Kiss Tv is an example of why Africa is a sh*thole !

Nikiwa highschool 18 years ago , we used to watch Kiss TV , juzi ndio i checked it and niliona they revamped for a second time . The station is known for zero creativity or vision . They hve a poor selection of music which they repeat all year round , only 2 daily evening channels have content and keep the station alive .. L.O.B & AFTERBURN

With 70% of population being youth , just imagine the potential it has , if they stop being lazy , inaeza fika level ya other music channels like MTV or TRACE TV …But instead of biulding the tv station , the guy incharge , patrick quarcoo who is from GHANA , is allegedly in all manner of sex scandals , kila siku ni kukula intern and employees , naskia amekula all socialites from caroline mutoko , grace msalame etc… I just wish the f*ckers incharge give me that job and in 6 months that station will be a sensation mpaka congo forest banae…

Quarco alienda Kiss TV? I knew that rat bastard back when he was at the Star. He ran it down along with other executives by paying themselves fat salaries and allowances then firing other staff to ‘save money’. End result, the paper lost what little genuine talent they had to other media houses. So now he’s running down Kiss TV too?

have never noticed kiss tv…or maybe am always in a hurry to tune to ktn, ntv, citizen, aljazeera, CNN etc.
The thing with tv stations, just like radio stations, you move to next one if you don’t like the one you viewing…and do we still have kiss radio? nowadays I camp at choice radio

you actually start yours

Maybe i just might do that .

Classic, Kiss100 Fm, Radio Jambo, and Gukena fm bring in the revenue for Radio Africa Group. Kiss TV ni ya kujinice tu. Quarco hana shida ya pesa.

But to be honest, he needs to find a way to buying 10/10 show and may be the trend. Those to shows can grab a sizable youthful audience from NTV and Citizen. Willis Raburu can help him revamp the boring station.

Theres kiss tv still?:oops:

kwani ulikuwa jela my fren…

I dont do local stuff:cool::cool::cool::smiley:

Sina aerial banae

Quarco is just an employee my friend who acts like the boss or owner.

The true owners are moi family through zipporah kittonyi. Her son is Chairman of the radio Africa group. Did you think a nobody from Ghana would just show up during Nyayo era, get licences and broadcast!!!

Anyway that is all changing now. Their is a reclusive american there who is known as usa intel agent or informer who also owns shares. That is all changing now. 10 years ago they started diluting the shares to a south African company. This year they sold some more. They are all minority owners by now. gideon is slowly selling all the companies mzee built just like most unaccomplished princes.

i thought quarcoo was the founder ? alafu you have just reminded me kitu flani , apparently most media stations are owned by kalenjin politicians were Moi era …

Hapo umekosea kidogo kiongos.The only relationship between the Kitonyi family and Radio Africa group is the fact that thy have leased the frequencies to Radio Africa Group.Kijana ya Kitonyi aliwekwa Chairman so that the frequencies already allocated to Radio Africa dont change hands.
Must give kudos to Zipporah Kitonyi kwa kuchanuka mapema.When Communication Authority of Kenya was hawking frequencies she used her connections to get a huge chunk of the frequencies.So if anyone wants to open up a radio station,the dont sell to you,they lease to you the frequencies depending on the location.Kiss,HBR Radio,Buzz Radio,Classic,Radio Jambo are just a few examples of radio stations from which the Kitonyi family collects fat checks.

Kiss ilianza 2009
10 years ago
Not. 18
They had two TV stations
Kiss TV and classic TV

They grabbed frequencies from CAK.So when you open a radio station,they lease to you the frequency.When revenues dip and you are unable to pay,they coerce you into getting them a board seat in your organization.

CEO is an employee position. He had little shares but moi through Kittonyi was the real owner. Just look at the earlier groupie around Kiss FM from late 1999 to 2002.
Late Mutula - moi lawyer.
Kittonyi - Literary moi son.
tony gachoka - nyayo media mouthpiece at that time.

Nyayo owns a lot of companies by proxies especially Indian companies. When they bribed him to get licences, they paid big then gave him shares. Each time they went back for more favours, it was either more big payouts or more shares.

You conveniently omit the name William Ruto who bought the shares of Tiso blackstar when the south African firm exited
Ruto now is the single biggest shareholder in the company

That’s a Kenyan Elite in there…

William Pike? I think he sold his shares though he also has shares in Capital FM Uganda.

In this age of internet people still watch Kiss Tv with their shitty repeated music??