Kisii Jubilee Statergist "Eliminated"...

Political strategist for the Jubilee Party in Kisii region Peter Magara has died.

Magara died on Friday night and his body found outside Magharibi Hotel on Saturday morning by the hotel staff.

According to reports, Magara was in the company of his wife Jane Nyambura Magara in the hotel but sneaked out at night leaving his wife asleep, never to return.

“We checked in to the Hotel on Thursday evening, but on Friday my husband was exhibiting unusual behavior.
He stepped out of the hotel at night but unsuccessfully attempted to start the car engine.
He came to the room but unfortunately I didn’t get to notice the second time he left the room,”
she said.

According to the wife, Magara showed signs of depression in the past week, forcing them to seek medical attention at a private hospital in Kisii.
It is not yet clear the condition of his body when it was found, as police launch investigations.
According to Kisii County police boss Martin Kibet, the family had tried to handle the situation before Magara’s demise.
“We are investigating the matter though initial inquiries indicate that he might have developed a psychiatric problem,” said Kibet.
He and his wife traveled to Kisii on Thursday leaving their two children in Nairobi.
Magara was working as the Chief engineer at Fair Mount Hotels-Nanyuki.


Wait, Fairmont sii ni kwa msito Humphrey Kariuki. More than meets the eye.

We keep demonizing Kikuyu women but silently be on their bosom every night. Hypocrites!!

Magara! I first met this dude way back in 2009. Very hot tempered Kisii. used to work at Laico if am not wrong

Had heavy smart vehicle

what do you mean?

Mimi nilisha declare nikikuwa President musiseme sikuwai sema

We we kwanza unatumia msichana wetu vibaya, ebu nunulia wazee fombe tusikupe laana

Married to Nyambura. Ok!