Kisii DG Becomes The First DG To Be Impeached

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda has been impeached by the Senate.

Monda lost his seat on Thursday, after majority of Senators voted to uphold the four charges against him by the members of the Kisii County Assembly.

He becomes the first deputy governor to be impeached, since the start of devolution in Kenya, in 2013. He, however, is the second DG to have his case determined by Senate, after Siaya’s William Oduol.

Monda was accused of gross violation of the Constitution and law, abuse of office, gross misconduct, and crimes under national law.

"The result of the division indicate that the senators have upheld the following impeachment charges; gross violation of the constitution and any other law, abuse of office, gross misconduct and crimes under national law.

Let him go, his do you ask a jobless job seeker for 800k bribe? Huyo mtu akiingia hio job, what do you think will be on their mind always? Recoup money and then some. Won’t have any integrity nor will they be productive, itakua kutafuta loopholes to steal as much as possible


Huyu alidanganywa na Osoro ati hawezi tolewa kama Osoro atamsupport. Sahizi yeye pamoja na Osoro wananusa kinyesi ya ng’ombe huko chini.

Generally, I don’t like it that the standard configuration .ke nyeuthi seems very satisfied with the impeachment of that DG.

Like they don’t expect prosecution for what the senate call crimes under law to follow .

Bure kabisa

Sonko, waititu were also impeached and life went on. Impeaching some little known deputy shouldn’t be news.

Mondo alitupa mbao hio salo ya DG angemumunya mpaka 2027 at the least sasa ataonekana mjinga amefutwa job juu ya 800k

So speaker atamreplace or what will happen

weka yeye ndani

No. The governor will appoint another one of his own discretion.

Okay can the governor choose not to pick.


Sonko stayed without a DG for 4 years. Kenya is a Sh!thole country

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He will not pick another. Governors love power.

ao wazee huwa na kazi kubwa kubwa lakini hawajui kujipanga financially. Unapata mzee amevaa suti poa kumbe ni pesa ya hongo amchukua kwa wanyonge

Mimi na appoint petite . Condition anipatie mkia 24/7 bila lube

I am cringey

Most likely he wont pick another one coz governors dont want kusumbuliwa kila saa na deputies.