Kirinyaga Pastor

Kirinyaga Court sentences Pastor John Gichira, who pleaded guilty to defiling & impregnating his two daughters aged 14 & 16, to 140 years in jail. Gichira will serve 70 years for each count of defilement; the sentences to run consecutively.

Akorino sect pastor…

Hii ni sawa na kufungiwa room 254…
But he asked demanded for it.


So did the girls give birth? wapi link?

Yaani huyo mzee hangepata lanye akamue?

Kirinyaga pastor sentenced to 140 years in jail for defiling his two daughters

Sad state of affairs.

The sad part with such sentences is that the girls and their offsprings have been left to fend for themselves as the one responsible sits comfortable for the rest of his life being fed fattened by taxpayers money.

Sick man. He should do us all a favour and commit suicide

the media has given us a small part of the story. their emphasis is ‘pastor’ and nothing else. what is a pastor anyway? Anything and anyone can claim or be called such. the term Priest ndio inatambulika. Did the man go for a mental assessment? Is there a mother and how were fukkenings taking taking place in presence of a bigger female? what are the social structures in the locality? Incest is gross but the confession and sentencing was too rushed.

Naaaah. He should not check out so easily. He needs to be locked up akae huko ndani.

Are you implying he should be expanded?

Siwezi mhurumia.

Hao watoto wamezaliwa wanafaa wauliwe.

Waluhya mna vituko.