Kirinyaga land of NO MEN

The current front runners for governor
Wangui Ngirici
Martha Karua
Anne Waiguru

You mean there are no men here?

Low IQ question… kwani huko germany hakuna wanaume ndo Merkel akakua president?

Or men that you know.

I understand from history books that Kikuyu is or was a matriarchal society. Probably explains why Mama Ngina has a stranglehold on the Kenyatta family. It kind of explains why it’s easy for a woman in Kikuyu land to get elected. In comparison, the Baluhya (or pretty much any other community in Kenya) are a very patriarchal society. In Luhyaland it is almost impossible for a woman to get elected.
It’s not easy for a lioness to lead a pride. Lions are patriarchal. It’s easy for a female hyena to lead a clan. Hyena’s are matriarchal.

Like the animals cited above Kenya is still a primitive society, we are guided primarily by traditions and instinct. By European timelines we are not yet out of the dark ages in terms of enlightenment and awareness as a general populace. Germany and Merkel are a whole other ball game. Europeans had their age of enlightenment more than 200 years ago. They’ve had a much longer time to think through some of these things and build more cerebral systems.

From your understanding of history books explain areas with Kikuyu men as political leaders, better yet…explain the president and the former.

This low key tribal swipes are inconsistent with the reality, also power can be wielded in the background…ask Waiguru and Ngirici.

Why do YOU consider calling the Kikuyu Nation a matriarchal society a “low key tribal swipe”?
I also said is or was so obviously not sure if it still is a matriarchal society, which easily answers your questions.

Because I call a spade a spade, also I’m not a stranger in these streets

Not exactly. The Gikuyu community is quite patriarchal. What you are talking about is that Kikuyu women, relatively, have more freedoms and more empowered to others, say Kalenjin women. So they can easily seek elective posts. Again and among GEMA, kikuyu voters are more receptive to female leaders than Embu voters. As you enter deep into MT Kenya, voter behavior changes drastically

Well, historical and anthropological facts reveal the Kikuyu community was, and partly still is, fundamentally matriarchal (led by women) and matrilineal (descended through mothers) and is suffering from the imposition of patriarchy upon it.


And from a nuanced perspective, Akirinyaga resemble the Embu and Mbeere than the Kiambu Kikuyu. Whereas there are enormous similarities, some notable difference also exist. So generalising can lead to wrong conclusions

I’m no expert. So let me abandon my defence at this point. I have no reason or impetus to flog this horse further.

That article is wrong. Led by women? Nooo! Did the women engage in cattle rusting in the day? Did they fight in battles? Did they engage in dowry negotiations (customary aspect). Whom did the Mzungu imprison more? Kikuyu men or women? In other words, at what level did the Women lead society?

Really, standard media press is your source…not even Sedan Kimathi and his dreadlocked gang?

I admire that tribe and despite the detention camps they have flourished and every land they touch appreciates in value, find a mentor hakuna haja ya chuki


Wow. @Euler and @Brayo44ki. Eish. Okay, then let me take it back. I’m no expert at Kikuyu history. I was taking a stab at answering the question. Didn;t know my answer would touch your sensitive parts. Didn’t know there’s alot at stake with whether the Kikuyu were historically Matriarchal or Patriarchal. And didn’t know calling them historically a matriarchal society is a low key swipe.
I’m not invested in this debate, let me take my arse to less sensitive waters.

Also apparently the claim that Kikuyu was a matriarchal society is also contained in Jommo Kenyatta’s book so @Brayo44ki by your reckoning, Jommo Kenyatta had hate for the Kikuyu I suppose.

I come in peace bro :D:D:D:D:D

You keep repeating the word sensitive like you have a monopoly on opinion, we disagreed with your standard media press premise.

Bring another bit of evidence and let each divide debate constructively.

I made a claim from something I have read before. And rather than attack my claim you came for me. That’s being sensitive, and not simply offering a differing opinion as you now posture to claim.
I haven’t read Jomo Kenyatta’s book either but here you go

Those land guys have turned the country into an expensive slum.

You and I have different definitions of the word sensitive, that aside kindly keep sending this links and I’ll check them out.
I might be wrong and it would benefit me to learn.

Specifically the Kikuyu, no other tribe is responsible for this?