Kirinyaga and Embu people will never get a chance of getting a deputy president again . Trying very hard to be Kikuyus and are not.

If Kirinyaga alone voted for AZIMIO Martha Karua would be DP. But they followed their mindset of trying to be Kikuyus. So together with Embu AZIMIO would have got 51 percent. You fail to understand some things. Some things come in lifetime. Martha comes just next to Embu town. You could imagined expansion of airstrip and many others. No matter what people from Central Kikuyus don’t understand their language . But it happens only during elections. That is bonobos at high level. In 2002 Kiambu voted for Uhuru even in presence of NARC wave.Kirinyaga will never get that chance again.


Only in your head.

Hot Air.

That’s the truth. BUKUSU stood with WETAngula and now they have A speaker position. Kikuyus will never preside a person from Kirinyaga as DP or president. This an election where a single county could have determined an election. They will never. They are just Kanguras.

Watu wa kirinyaga, embu, ndia, mbere etc hua ni sub standard Kikuyus. The creator made those before perfecting the technique and making kikuyus

Mt. Kenya tuko sawa hatugawanyiki hata na dawa!!!..take that to Equity Bank Kirinyaga branch!

Is this really true…I remember in some group someone saying that martha karua is not a pure kikuyu like Gachagua…in Western we usually discuss our subtribal uniqueness openly but am yet to get someone to give me a proper explanation of the different kikuyu subtribes…or clans

Whether your county produces a President, a DP or a speaker, Kama wewe unalala kwa malaya, utaendelea kulala kwa malaya.

They are not. If you go to any University library and look for oral traditions for said tribes, you will understand. Mbeere is tri

One it will happen.

Other than the imagined expansion of airstrip are there any other benefits of producing a DP that kirinyaga and Embu people will forego… Curious

Wewe mzee ya Kabete… unafaa kichapo cha Burukenge … so huwezi sikia Kikuyu ya Ndia juu umetoka Kiambu?

Hata methali za huko zinafanana na the rest of Kikuyu country albeit with a few different words …

Stop hating on their accents…


Dualing the road from Makutano to Embu town

You are super ignorant concerning the Bukusu. Wetangula stood with the Bukusu just as Kalonzo stood with the Kamba. Kambas would have voted for Azimio with or without Kalonzo. Bukusu would have voted for Ruto with or without Ruto.

All this is nonsense, pure kuzimia nonsense

Such unbridled hatred will age you fast. Karua lacks charisma and she is not easy on the eye, she could still be unlikeable no matter her ethnic background. On the other hand, Waiguru comes across as likable and she happens to come from Kirinyaga

ive never heard anyone discuss the kikuyu differences the ppl from kirinyaga speak some sort of kimeru

Ati huko Kirinyaga wanasemanga “Waiguru ni kama mkikuyu” as a great compliments.

Ati haikuangi ni accent, ni ujinga mingi kwa kichea.

They had applied in court for separation to have a tribe of their own since they are not real kikuyu.