Kirima Land Saga

Twists and Turns …
Land is a hot emotive issue that is not taken seriously in this country …

It seems Hon: Babu Owino is onto something foul here …
That hasty Court Judgement needs to be examined … :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Babu aondokee hii story…you can tell its fabricated story. Wajaluo ndio wamejaa huko so am not amused by Babu statement


Lets hear what the REAL Italian owner has to say in Court … :joy:

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The case was lodged in 2014 by a squatter claiming ownership of the land. How is 9 years a hasty court judgement?


I will also come with some papers and claim your land hapo kasipul kabondo.

This guy shot someone live and is still walking free on the streets of Nairobi. Atwoli aliuliza in whose hands are we safe.

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Its very very possible Kirima acquired the land irregularly from Italian who did not want to stay in .ke after 1963.

Land was dirt cheap then infact my late grandma always told us our late grandfather wouldn’t have any land if it weren’t for her his first salary he bought a car… So haujawai kosa watu wa kununua buroti maguta maguta in every generation…ata wa leo if you have 800million utanunua parcels of land all over kenya na kuna mwingine ako nazo ataona anunue zam zam 20 zi operate githurai 45…kuna watu wali buy huge tracts of land legitly iyo time

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You must be a Foreigner…

Kenya has one of the SLOWEST Court Systems on the Planet …
Even Criminal Cases drag on for years until “Files” go missing or “get lost” …

How that happens in an Official Registry is still beyond me …

In a truly digitized environment , Land Ownership should be determined almost instantly…
The same way Immigrations determine that you are a Bona Fide Citizen when you arrive at JKIA …

@Heke :

Kenya has 4 problems :

  • Endemic Corrupt and Sloth.
  • Lack off a Coherent National Land Policy.
  • Lack of a proper National Land Development Agenda.
  • a piss-poor , backward , Shareholder Leadership populated by misfits and thieves.

In my personal view:
Land is a finite resource and should only be OWNED and allocated by a competent State Body specific times and for specific purposes.
This is where a coherent Land Policy governing leases ,transfer and utilization come in.

I have been in places where foreigners cannot own land and individuals cannot sit on thousands of hectares of un-utilized land.

Firstly , I don’t hail from that part of the republic.

Secondly , the only piece of land I reside on is leased for 66 years after which it’s ownership reverts to the State.

Thirdly , unless your father is one of the two Kenya KWISHA misfits , you have an ice cubes chance in hell of getting your grubby fingers on my Leasehold property…

Babu should watch his mouth. Land cartels sio DJs. Those are million dollar deals. Land cartels in Nairobi, where serious money is involved, hawatambui MPs.


It was the same in TZ before Dr. John Pombe Magufuli (RIP) and Mama Samia Suluhu …

The necessary remedy in this country is very clear …:grin:

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Now that the case has been hastened you still have a problem with the judgement? Most court cases do not have timelines, save for public interest cases such as presidential elections that have to be heard within a month as stipulated in the LAW. Case ilifika mahali no more evidence is coming so obviously the judge had to mak a ruling!

@Spaxs :
Show me any case that is heard and determined quickly and I will show you the Political , Cartel or Big Money hand behind it …

Suspects and Accused of simple theft , assault and illicit brewing spend months in Remand before their cases are even heard …

If the Police do not have ready evidence on an individual , they should not arrest or detain them …

Bure Kabisa …:rage:

Do you know the difference between civil and criminal case? These are cases that have bail before the case is determined.

@Spaxs :

Any idea how many individuals with bailable matters before Courts are currently languishing illegally in remand centers …??

It should be grounds for a dismissal of charges …:rage:

Thousands! The law doesn’t work with emotions when it is brought before the Lords.

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The Law breaking the Law …:blush: