Kiraitu- Presidency is up to you


Raila amepigwa double touch

Ground imekua hostile

I was recently in Meru, and held several discussions with guys I met…waiters, hotel crew etc. Kiraitu is finding it very hard to survive politically, little wonder he has chosen to thrown Baba under the mbus…

It’s called democracy
Ruto anapea watu ultimatum

Like I said, DP Uncle Ruto biggest asset is the ground. All the time, effort and energy to work the ground endlessly in all 47 counties has lead to this. A few who left, went to the ground, got answered and came back. Those who stayed on the fence joined. Those who were in denial now know how desperate things are.

As clear as that is. There are those who know they have lost already. So they joined jubilee party specifically for the payoff money, the campaign money to keep and are ready to go home.

Attention needed… Raila never asked Kiraitu to force Ameru on/with his choice… :D:D:D:D


The people of Meru can elect Ruto for all they care but Mithika as governor?

For governor they are electing Kawira Mwangaza