KIRAIKU aka tobacco snuff

What happened to this stuff in Kenya, when I was young my grandma and great grandma used to send us to the local shop to get some, used to be wrapped in dry banana stems.
One used place a small amount on the back of hand and breath it in like cocaine.
My grandma juu alikuwa mtu wa church she used rub it into the back of her mouth, wakikosa walikuwa wanakunywa chai na mtungi.
Is it that iliisha fashion ama it’s GoK policy? And the mungiki thingy. It seems very popular in Germany and Pakistan.
Rarely does a drug go out of fashion.

I still see Maasai selling it

still available on the streets, packed in KCC packets, some call it MILO !


Uliza mungiki @Thirimaii kwenye yeye hununua.

Niliwahi furuta hiyo kitu nikiwa keypee karibu kichwa ilipuke.

Ulihama mashinani naona. Bado ziko kwa vitongoji duni.

Here in shags its a lot!

imerudi and most young guys wanatumia. inaitwa chaves sasa, base ya jaba utapata.

Chaves ni variant ya Kuber. hizo vitu zimekuwa zinauzwa hio area ya Odeon in some old indian shops for ages.

What’s the difference between Chavez, Ndovu and Kuber?

And what is Brown, Barwa, Skari, Bramba, Maasai, Ash, Miraj, Skari, ma tap tap & ma ngau?

Niko na kuber ya wahindi, they call it miraj, ile inaekangwa nyuma ya lip, same tobacco stuff, the taste is terrible but effect I think ni same, gets you high in less than a minute

Brown Sugar is :Heroin is a semi-synthetic derivative of the drug morphine. Pure heroin is a white crystalline powder and is referred to as ‘white sugar’ by abusers. When the quality of heroin is poor, its color is no longer white, but brown; this inferior quality is called ‘brown sugar’.

Hashish is: also known as hash, is a drug made by compressing and processing trichomes of the cannabis plant.


It’s always available. The government hates it since it’s untaxable. You can actually just grow your own tobacco in your backyard and grind it using a normal grindstone, much safer than chemicalized commercial tobacco. Although I don’t get the reason why people use tobacco. It’s a pointless addiction.

Si unakuwaga na moshenee. Nani amekuuliza juu ya heroine?

nini moshenee ?

namuelezea how brown sugar comes ! it is from heroine when the heroine quality is poor and its color is no longer white, hapo ndio it turns brown ndio inaitwa brown.

kwani kuna ubaya kumueleza ?

We’re all wired differently. Some people need something stronger than a cup of coffee to get them going.

I once tried it nikiwa primary. Kuna watoto wa wahindi walikuwa nayo. I thought my lower jaw would fall off

That shit is a known carcinogen. A big cause of tongue and throat cancer.

How many people do you personally know who have died of cancer because of using snuff? Yes, it’s risk factor but you only live once bro.

You can talk until you get inflicted by that cancer.