Kipsigis women

Wadau, I need some insights on kipsigis ladies.

how are they? Is a woman from that side able to keep a home? What about dowry requirements from the girls parents? Are they faithful ama ni wakupeana kwa plot? How’s their sex life?
Are they worth my time?

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@Chiefguest @Kalenjin101 @Gaza @Jimit @kalenjinkirdit @Titty Twister @sani saidieni huyu banae

They be known as kyuk version of the kaleos…

Umbwa wewe ghassia Takataka
A juvenile mafwi tucker tucker thread
Stereotypes tuliwachia wajinga

Ile kitu najua ni usupuu walipewa in bucket loads.

I will give you my honest opinion of my sisters.

  1. Question 1 - they are good.
  2. Question 2 - they are the best in home making and taking good care of their husband and children.
  3. Question 3 - standard dowry is six cows one he goat and one she sheep plus “oil” for the dad. The oil mentioned is in monetary form and it varies from home to home and from daughter to daughter. Typically from 50k to 1m depending on level of education of the girl in question, beauty and her fathers stature in the society.
  4. Question 4 - majority are very faithful they won’t give it out even after your death. You won’t miss a few rotten eggs though.
  5. Question 5 - they are average in sexual performance. Majority think any style not missionary is sinful and borders on prostitution. A blow job from a kipsigis lady is out of question. Anal can’t happen in this lineage.
  6. Question 6 - they are absolutely worth your while if you are looking for a wife. Hoping that you are man enough to know that a real man keeps a wife and a sekx object separately.

Thank you for your extensive reply.



Really? hao wanakuanga wanakimbia…
I disagree

Hapa hakuna urembo :D:D:D


I dated one.
She was a terrible kisser.
Her Vagina was tight but cold.
She cheated on even her boyfriend for me and then cheated on me for another guy. Broke my heart and I sunk away.
Saizi Mimi na kipsigis ni awareness pro max. Those are live wires

I can attest to this. A certain Luo prof pale UoN who is known to deep in every well has a Kalenjin wife who is very aware of his promiscuous ways but amekataa kataa kutoka kwake.

Hello Chief,…hope uko salama…
Now, just curious to know, what kale’s culture say about a lady with kids,(2 kids) though ni yule ameoleka na akakosana na bwana…

I once dated one, entitlement kibao. She one time told me plainly juu yeye ‘hajasoma’ so mimi ndio nilipie kila kitu as a punishment ya mimi kusoma na yeye kukosa kusome.
While dating, the kips and ngetich walipangwa kusample vitu…maan kuwekwa kwa laini ilinitoa…i loved her but Kips and Ngetich loved her more!!!

To answer part 1 of your question only. In kipsigis (hoping you are aware that kalenjin has more than seven sub tribes) a lady does not separate from her kids. You marry a lady with kids and you immediately take over paternal responsibility of those kids. When you pay dowry for such a lady you may get a discount of 1 cow (chepngabait) depending on the negotiation skills of your team, remember in such negotiations you don’t attend yourself but you send a team of old men.

Hahah…this is funny…:D:D:D:Deti discount ya 1 cow…ONLY!!!…leo nmecheka na ntacheka sana…
But thanks,now i have an insight…nmeshukuru.
It’s good to know cultures.Well, karibu nifinywe makende huko nyuma…im just greatful their side was so rigid it never worked out…huyu mungu:D

Otherwise how was shellodin

Unless the lady is a modern kalenjin upon which they are no different from other modern liberal ladies, I’d discourage one from marrying a kalenjin lady if they are not kalenjin. It’s just not worth it.


You were dating a lady with two kids and she was walking all over you? Ni akili hauna ama were you raised by a single mother?
Hio akili bado ndio wewe hutumia kuvuka barabara?

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