Kipchoge finishes 6th for the first time since independence, whats happening?(Ruto maliza uende)



Mkenya alishinda though


Finishing a marathon is an achievement in itself.

Plus, isnt the gu 60 something

Hasra tawara

Ameghula pesa mingi ya Tecno akasahau kutrain…

Anyways, amejaribu. It was his first time at Boston and Boston has the most difficult terrain of the marathon majors. He also missed a water point; that contributed to his slowing down, especially at 35kms.

JSKS atamaliza nchi wajameni

Very normal at this stage of his long career. his decline starts which is something every athlete faces later on after a stellar career…

Sasa apumzike awachie vichana kasi.
Agule mali yage…
He has done the country proud especially when he achieved the sub 2 hour threshold

Despite his GOAT status, he was 8th in 2020 London marathon, but bounced back to win the Olympic gold in 2021 plus lowering the world record last year. He is human

Yeah i remember that, people thought his career was over lakini wapi. Either way he can comfortably retire anytime

True, he has already done much for himself, country and the world…anaeza achia vijana…Guy has been running since year 2000!!

Despite the outcome, he is the world’s greatest athlete

Kagege, being no 6 is being a loser.

Being a human being happened.