Kingdom of Silence

A documentary about Jamal Khashoggi. There was a part about Tahirir Square, when Mubarak resigned. The euphoria reminded me of 2002,when Moi was ousted. Emotions caught me unaware, I shed a few tears when I remember how much hope we had after Moi and how hopeless Kenyans feel now. It’s painful. I wonder if we will ever experience such hopeful euphoric moments in Kenya in our lifetime. Saa hii we are between a rock and a hard place. Ni machos tuu.

@TrumanCapote that is what is called a counterrevolutionary reversal. The status quo is very patient, entrenched and ruthless. Under NARC they captured both sides and after 2007 reforms were not a priority.

That is why in most places to make revolutions successful you need to kill a large number of the status quo characters. Reference Russia and Iran.

I certainly will. Kenyans thought Moi was the problem kumbe corruption is the problem and having a corruption free government is practically impossible because it’s a way of life of the who is who.

But Arabs are crazy. Yaani Sultan sent his private jet with a team of assassins to the Instabul Saudi Consolate where the poor man only wanted a marriage certificate. They chop him up in their embassy and put parts of his body in suitcases.