King of the Dancehall

Parasitic family should be exterminated like what Lenin did to the Russian king.

Why did the Lord put a limit and not say “all”
but rather “many?” Experience teaches us that some of those who were first in honor on earth remained first in honor with God. There have been emperors who pleased God on their thrones, and there have been men without authority who angered God throughout their life. There have been wealthy men who were saved by their charity and faith, and there have been indigent ones who received condemnation because of their evil and unbelief. There have been learned men who kept the faith and did good deeds, and there have been unlearned men who rejected both faith and good deeds. So there were some who were first here on earth and remained first in heaven, and also there were some who were last here and remained last after death also.

Holy Imperial Romanov Family, 1904.
[ATTACH=full]464707[/ATTACH]“Without God everything is permitted.” - Dostoevsky