King of Rhumba

Arguably the greatest guitarist and composer this continent has ever seen. When content you produced is still popular across different generations decades after your death you know you’re a genius.

Franco was a genius but he mentored other great legends like Madillu, Josky, Lutumba, Ndombe etc

Hapo sauti ya Franco insikika nyimbo mbili.

  1. Dalienst
  2. Jolie Detta
  3. Jolie Detta/Lugendo
  4. Lugendo: Franco naoengea kidogo kidogo huko nyuma
  5. Nana/Baniel
  6. Franco/Baniel
  7. Kiambukuta (Josky Jo Sex)/Matalanza

Franco is better known for his composition prowess than musical voice. It does not matter who the lead singer was, the real force behind these compositions was Franco.

methinks Franco was more of a rapper (LL Cool J style) than a singer. When he chose to be in the leadding vocals, seemed ate ease rapping the lyrics. eg Attention na Sida, Mario, Mamou, Layile, etc

These remain the best voices tpok ever produced, Mangwana, Opetum, Kiambutuka. Missing is only Madilu

Looooove franco madillu

Mtafanya nipitie signature leo nisikize rhumba, now that the wildebeest have gone, it is easier to move around the city.

Angusha aaaah mbayo mbayooo aaaah mbayooo mbayoooh.