King Mswati's Daughter

[SIZE=5]Princess Sekhanyiso Dlamini Mswati :[/SIZE]





anakaa shemale

This photo is 17years old…she’s now an old woman…a minister

[SIZE=5]And as hot as ever …[/SIZE] :D:D


Kama huyu ndo wale napendanga kapsaa …

shes an average kunguru…just that she has money BIG PASS

huyo ni mtoto bwana, kwani we ni pedo

Hii ni over 18 … kienyeji mali swafi unaltered aisee

What a disappointment :smiley: After Mswati fcks half the kingdom!

Hizi hawezi tit fucck

Tembea Swaziland … :D:D



Shida ya huko prevalence ya ukide ni kali kuliko ya Flu Bay…ningeenda roadtrip

Just FYI …
HIV is prevalent in ALL countries on this planet …


So …
Either be FAITHFULL to one Woman …
Or …
Have very Safe Proceedures … :D:D.

wacha tuenjoy .

hakuna mtu amekuuliza umbwaaaaaaa

Those who have been there, are those photos considered as nude leaks in that country or it’s just one innocent country who love their culture?

Toka hapa umbwaaaa wewe…she’s now an old woman…this photo was taken in 2006

Baby Clitchy. Bloody Ghasiaa uko ma bahati sana jeshi yangu ya mkono hapo Kanairo ni ma bukusu … bure I would of unleashed em on you. Lakini haidhuruu. Hata ivyo ukimeza Gilbeys … heshimu Professor kaa original gangster “OG”. Huyu elder ako na first hand experience wazimu dealing with some seriously sophisticated Southern women (intellectuals) but with a booty n figure … that we east coast folks could only dream of. Experience gained during his days Pale University of KwaZulu Natal. Akiwa Phd student alafu kaa assistant professor. @mikel nirushie mimi coordinates za collegue … sana sana hao assistant prof’s… ama teaching assistants. Nitashukuru saidi …

Swazi is bad news. Health hazard.

More than your KES:150/= favorite pastimes at SJ or with CBD Grannie’s … ??? :D:D

Where is SJ? I partake of nothing but the finest fillet mignon, wacha hizo sunguch mwitu zenu, not to mention whales and hippos :smiley: