King Kaka's Song is Too Basic

King kaka’s song is too basic. It is sterile, which is why even ezekiel mutua defended it.
The real deal ni the likes of mashifta’s majambazi. Got the guys blacklisted to a point where (I hear) they started suffering financially.
Here for you:

There was no social media those days…

This song is prophetic describing our system to the point.

Hii pia huwa on point.

Mashifta were real rappers. sio kujiwekelea.

Simple song for simple bonobos.

Mashifta walitoa Majambazi at the tail end of Moi era. That song was a big hit. I still listen to it once in a while.

Huu ungepata shosho media iyo poem ya kaka hawezi tosha mbooka

Abbas was there too

Kijana anakula mahindi unaskia harufu ya njugu.
Noma sanaaa

The song is on point, much better than the Orangatun’s ‘mi siogopi’… Surely, kama huogopi kelele ni ya nini mblo?