King kaka lies exposed


:D:D:D lying for likes and clout, eh?

But he wrote cid not dci

Iyo poem imemtengenezea mirrions apo YouTube

how is someone summoned at the DCI ? ni simu ama telex ama fax ama flying squad wanakuom kwa bedsitter yako /base ya keg ?

msee wa keg hawawezi waste mafuta. anapigiwa simu atembelee nearby police station ama akujiwe na kubebwa juu juu ka burukenge

How many times has it been watched?

Dci wameingiza njeve wakadeny[ATTACH=full]276189[/ATTACH]

Wajinga sisi

DCI doesn’t operate that way my fren

Naskia ni watu wakamiti wali mcall

around 1.4 m views

sometimes unapigiwa simu, at times wanakukujia, especially if you are near - lakini depends on the case officer, and the alleged crime, hizi ndogo ni simu tu.

:D:D:D hakuna chopper hapo, but in a fictitious sense if someone wants to intimidate you they can get a real fake call from the same summoning you, and ole wako if you dont have a fake lawyer to accompany you to the fake summon - utaona a very long day.

ntajuaje simu si fake ?

:D:D:D there is no fakes hapo, you just report unajulia mbele, better to be safe than to have a chopper coming after you, then you will be pinched and high karate kicks your way.

anyway, someone can just decide to intimidate you with such, and the best is just to report to the place ama nearest station and seek guidance, the good thing is that calls can be traced, and as such its very rare to find guys daring enough to fake such.


Kwani what is it that this guy said that is so new? Huyu jamaa is just clout chasing.

I once received a call from a number summoning me to the DCI sometimes last year.After thorough investigations from my end I realized that these are just scammers and fear-peddlers who are after gullibble.They will ask you to send some cash so that they dismiss the “summon”

Na kama uko na makosa si utajiseti .

Mimi nilisema wanikujie sijipeleki