Kindly wish me a happy birthday... thank you

Turned a year older. Grateful to the kijiji for giving life saving advices, offering good entertainment and at the same time delivering life threatening career ending tackles. [ATTACH=full]367312[/ATTACH]Pic is for attention… and RKOs.

Happy birthday @Jimit

Sande sana


Happy Birthday wuod Luo. Lakini next time kunywa kitu ingine, Hii waeza amka ujipate na 3 pairs of ovaries.

:D:D:D Nimekuskia mkuu. Turns out am not a drinker so I opted for something easy.

Happy birthday @Jimit can my crew consisting of @Sokwe mtu @kanguthu come and sing for you the happy bday tunes

Yes. Especially Sokwe Mtu

Happy birthday brother thanos, have a wonderful year ahead!

Sande sana mkuu

saitan msalabani
@kimakia mwatì ùyù haichwo

@Jimit happy birthday

Happy birthday kiongos. Jishikie 4th Street red kama ni wine ur imbibing

Happy Birthday @Jimit Have a blast and a fruitful year ahead.

Happy birthday bwana @Jimit lakini next time weka ka whiskey

Gathee furahia piga sherehe weka gari mafuta ingia suburbs huko peponi road uskize ngoma…story za happy birthday wachia mangeos.

Happy birthday kiongoss, as you turn order tafuta kuphiphi uzalishe ,dont listen to mgeytow faggots here who once they die their dna will be erased pamanently from the earth

Dont let them lie to you. A man must sire.

As the de jure leader of the technology section of this forum, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. We hope that in the next year you’ll advance the technology discourse to new horizons. I also invite fellow tech-talkers including but not limited to @Soprano and @ilonMask to pay homage. Happy birthday!