Kindiki obsessed with military attire

Is this military attire meant to boost ego or guts?
He wears it a lot but the bandits have remained unmoved?


His best job would be a Salonist or Kindergarten teacher.

Small dck energy, even Jicho Nyanya succumbed to the pressures.I wait to see Jambasi in combat.

Kidicky suffered from low level esteem. Hizo ni kutry kuboost his testerone level.

Young lil @Weyn was obsessed with pride attire [ATTACH=full]495065[/ATTACH]

chambasi sioni

Jayden alipenda KDF

Anataka waPokot waone ako serious!

The Zulu have a saying that no matter how much a useless man tightens his scrotum, he is still nothing. Catherine Kindukulu Kindiki knows deep down that he is nothing but he is really trying to tighten his scrotum.

Muwache fitina mingi. A comrade like you should know FDR won WWII from a wheelchair.

@Midget problems

They won because they had a plan and machinery to back the rhetoric from the guy in a wheelchair. Other than threats what does Catherine have? Imagine bandits lighting a fire 100m from where threats are being issued?

Wachaneni na yeye avae afeel kama mwanaume asianze kujichukia. Watu wametesekea kwa ii siasa miaka mingi