Kind of sad that Raila's maandamano was all hot air

For a while there, I was hopeful that Azimio actually was fighting for lowered cost of living on behalf of Wanjiku. But after the repeated on and off manenos, I am now convinced Raila was a self centered con. One part of me wants to respect his contribution to devolution. The other part of me is sad that we don’t have a viable opposition any more.

A power thirsty leader like Ruto needs to be kept in check by a robust watchdog. I thought we had one in Raila. Kumbe this old man was in it for his stomach, not our cost of living pain

Town hall meetings zinaendelea as bipartisan negotiations go on. Bado ni warm up for the long journey.

But i love raila ojinga tinga, here is his poem

Desperate Ojinga, lost six times,
A politician with a stained reputation,
Known for his betrayals and unsavory crimes,
His character a subject of constant speculation.

He slept with the government, they say,
And sold out his people for personal gain,
His thirst for power leading him astray,
His ambitions fueled by greed and disdain.

But still he runs, again and again,
Hoping for a chance to redeem his name,
Ignoring the cries of those in pain,
His eyes fixed solely on the political game.

Ojinga, Ojinga, what have you become?
A shadow of a leader, a man undone,
Your lust for power has left you numb,
Your legacy tarnished, your reputation shunned.

And yet you persist, with unyielding zeal,
Hoping to find a path to victory,
But the people see through your false appeal,
And reject your empty promises and trickery.

Desperate Ojinga, lost six times,
Your political career now on life support,
Perhaps it’s time to listen to the chimes,
And bow out gracefully, before it’s too short.

Mbona wewe usijitolee?

You and your father can continue doing maandamano wachana na Raila.

Raila has no conviction for anything but for his stomach. Raila’s ‘‘good’’ image was created by his friends in the media beginning around 2005; we started hearing that Raila fought for freedoms, Raila is pro-democracy and Raila is not tribal yet at the same time he was leading a 41 vs 1 narrative and using the ‘majimbo’ expression as a code for the expulsion of kikuyus from rift valley. ODM was conceived and propagated as an anti-kikuyu movement in 2005 referendum and that is what propelled Raila to political heights.

The sticking issue at BOMAS was the system of governemnt: either a parliamentary system with prime minister holding executive power and elected by MPs after elections or a presidential system. Raila preferred a parliamentary system for the simple reason that he believed kikuyus were many and therefore he could not win a presidential election. He was made to believe he was popular everywhere but but central province and therefore his party will always win many MPs. So Raila teamed up with KANU (hence making Ruto who he is today) to propagate an effective antikikuyu narrative: in Riftvalley, ODM message was that if the constitution passes, kikuyus will take all the land and rejecting the draft constitution will ensure kikuyus are expelled when a new constitution is written. Raila incited kalenjins by saying kikuyus had sacked all kalenjins, like Sally Kosgei, from the civil service… ODM campaigned that if the draft passed, women will start enheriting their fathers’ land, a message that was very effective in western Kenya as one bicycle bodaboda guy told me outside Bungoma district hospital: ‘‘unajua hii katiba ikipita wanawake watakuwa wanapewa mashamba, hiyo ndiyo mimi naonako ni mbaya’’

ODM won because of the antikikuyu rhetoric and also because they stole the vote; in districts like Marakwet, the turn out was 100%. The media was 200% on Raila side. Yet in Naivasha constitutional conference before 2013 elections, Raila made a 180 degrees about turn and no longer supported a parliamentary system, he wanted to be the president then because on paper, there was no competition: Kikuyus and Kalenjins can never be on one side he believed because of the hatred he had sowed, so he was to win easily. We all know what happened after that.

Raila is not altruistic at all. He benefited from Moi corruption after 1997 when he acquired Kisumu molasses plant for a song, he engaged in massive corruption after he became prime minister (through violence), he benefited immensely from corruption during Uhuru’s second term and said nothing as massive corruption took place because he was partaking the same. Like a hyena that always goes back to where it lastly stole a goat, Raila is now fighting again so that he can partake in the corruption that is being propagated by the useless government of a clueless, corrupt and tribal Ruto.

Were it not for Raila’s tribal politics, Ruto could not have become president. It is poetic justice when Raila lost to what he created.

That was deep

Huwa mnatetea huyu raila mjinga ojinga , nyang’ao nikama imepewa pesa na jskslenyeluwere so that he joins the party as they kill the rest of us .mbwa mwitu

Why would anyone believe that a politician wants to lower the cost of living?

Raila this Raila that.Hauchoki?

I noticed a long time ago that the cost of living was just an after-thought for him because he always forgets to mention it until the last moment or when the crowd reminds him. Let him get his handshake and see whether he will ever mention it again.

Wewe pia ni mwanaume kesho ingia Kamukunji grounds upiganie haki ya wakenya.

Sindio kwani iko nini , soon mtaona riots noma sana hatupei jambazi freedom ya kukula .mbwa wewe