hand cheque and ruBBIsh are trash. But now we need to know why and how 10 billion was wasted on a 2 person agreement


cc @Mangele O’dude come hia.

Raila’s used to the shenanigans. He got paid for his efforts to scuttle and sort out The Man From Sugoi :D:D

Raila, Uhuru and other party leaders, Moses Wetangula (Ford-Kenya), Musalia Mudavadi (ANC), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper) and Charity Ngilu (NARC) resorted to a strategy that will lock Ruto out of the presidency. These leaders are infiltrating Ruto’s camp to win back key allies.
On Monday, March 29, Uhuru met with Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, a key confidant of DP Ruto at the Coast. Mvurya led the brigade that campaigned for Msambweni MP Feisal Bader and trounced ODM’s candidate Omar Boga in December 2020.
The party leaders also agreed to consolidate support in their own regions and make themselves kingpins to dilute Ruto’s influence in the counties.

Blame Game Manenos...UDA Failure In Machakos: Muthama Is Tired, Tired, Tired! - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

You need to make up your mind. Is he in it because he is a nationalist or a tumbocrat…

dick shake game over

Like I told you before, Luo midoclas don’t give a hoot about rao. All we care about is handcheck peace so we can do our projects.

Only you Sugoiman supporters worry about rao. :smiley:

Deputy President William Ruto held a crisis meeting with his allies on Monday, March 29, over a looming fallout and rebellion within his camp.
Insiders said that the DP learnt of a planned mass defection of MPs and Senators allied to him, and a possible collapse of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). The politicians are shifting base to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s camps, with the two leaders keen on locking Ruto out of the 2022 race.

Blame Game Manenos...UDA Failure In Machakos: Muthama Is Tired, Tired, Tired! - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

When the kifagio is no longer effective, you chuck it into the bin.

[COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Once again, Raila has been screwed.

Very important for fools to realize that regarding BBI, Sio Raila peke yake amechezwa, ni yeye na WAKENYA WOTE at a cost of 10B


Na award ikapewa Mama Ngina.

Even that ruBBIsh might not pass beyond parliamentary committee of legal affairs. There are big and wide difference on the way forward for them to solve it on their own. Now consider President Uhuru sudden indifference to it and you now see the whole thing stalled permanently. I said it here months ago that ruBBIsh best polling was 17% in favour, 43% NO and 40% undecided. Government faced an really big mountain to sell it for a successful referendum. However the NO team had a simple task. With a referendum the real numbers for and against government will be revealed publicly. Including Central and Mt. Kenya which would greatly embarrass President Uhuru and immediately make him lame duck. From that moment on they concentrated on legal means outside the referendum. All backdoor routes they considered were advised as unconstitutional and risks tearing the fabric of the Republic. After that President Uhuru has being indifferent to it. Lastly the 5 Judges bench injunction 1 and 2 has made this ruBBIsh timeline uncertain. Parliament can’t pass or debate it. Handcheque split and wars makes parliament dicey now because Tanga Tanga and odm will make their noises loud and clear. Even if it can be passed by big bribes like MCA’s it becomes illegitimate due to the court injunctions. That’s where they can’t go around it. President Uhuru has being advised he can’t force this law as legitimate if the courts have stopped it. All things being considered then the funding, campaign drives and push have been stopped indefinitely. Poleni odm for forming groups awaiting a windfall ya referendum.:D:D

The three months corona measures takes us to August 2021. Exactly one year before President Uhuru terms expires and he loses state powers. He can’t cling on. Hapa si Somali. From August its will be 6 months before Parliament, senate terms ends, campaigns and party primaries take place. Basically TIME is now the big elephant in the room next to corona. Room to manoeuvre are getting limited. Those not ready are in panic and you are now hearing can we extend his term?



[SIZE=5]Negro plizzz. You njaruos are the cause of all the problems and chaos in the Kenya Republic. Since when did you guys become lovers of peace and calm???[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]And njaruo Obama has taken this very TRIBAL and CHAOTIC Socialist njaruo politics to the U.S.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]He has muddied American politics and turned them into politics of race and identity![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We even heard Biden saying that if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kila kitu ni Black Lives this , Black Lives that. I think you Njaruos have a mental problem. And always playing the victim. Wajaluo ndio hukosewa, they never wrong others.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The perennial victims. Hata saa hii ngoja uskie Raila whining about how he was betrayed. Meffi za mbwa.[/SIZE]

Breaking :

"(Mr) Kibicho is causing political constipation and we are not afraid of telling him that, We are left with NO choice but to abandon BBI "~~ Senator James Orengo.

Don’t be economical with the truth pls. We are all in this together (fecti) versus the tumbocrats. And pls pls pls go easy on cut and pastes and post your thoughts and analysis…
In short hakuna kitu umeniambia about Jakuon.

If you think Raila being played by uhuru is news then you need your head checked. Raila and some of us have always known how that arrangement was going to end.

Now the squad that were boasting of rat being part of deep state and being rigged in by deep state are starting a new spin:rolleyes::smiley: forrowing :pmaybe jowie was in cahoots with Ruto all the time. The insults were all pretense to hoodwink deep state :wink:

I don’t like giddy moi at all but I like how he has literary with NO apologizes thrown out RAT from handcheque. President Uhuru was doing it slowly but giddy decided no, a boot is sufficient notice. :D:D:D:D:D

Then this odm fools got used to state goodies and access thanks only to a handcheque favour. Overnight they have none of them and back to back benches of opposition having soiled themselves badly. There desperate forceful courting of Chief Hustler has been met by measured distance smiles. We will play our game as planned. We can’t risk loosing favour of Mt. Kenya and central for this used, finished and thrown out RAT. Let him go back to odm to form another pentagon:D for 2022 race.

My sentiments exactomundo! Let them spin on…oh how they jeered at us. Nangonjea my Uwes. Uhuru became their new tingod. Little did they know. Yawaaaaaaaaaaah.
Now they say they knew? ret me raff roudry. But painfully.

The only bit I agree with you in totality is that BBY ni upuuus that should never see the light of the day.