Uhuru has invited 58 MP’s for breakfast at statehouse. The balance is with Ruto.
Only one person from Ukambani will attend, the masses are with Arror.
Pesa iko, lakini mahesabu bado iko ngumu kidogo.

don’t ever use mp’s to gauge Arror’s strength…80% hawarudingi

Dude, when will you start thinking for yourself and realise no politician gives two shits whether you live or die?

I eat my own bread bro. If i die i have my own brethren to bury me. I think for myself. Whether am thinking about Ruto or Lake Jipe or Locusts am thinking for myself.


It does seem to me like Ruto’s ascendance to the pig sit is a matter of life and death to you, hence my supposition that you think he gives …that number of …well…shits whether… you know…

I see right through you. And by the way, you are not the sharpest knife in the box, just so you know. You actually turn people away from Arap Singh.

You are fatally obsessed with Ruto my friend. Take it easy or you gonna die before your time is due.

Simple arithmetic Sir, get the 58, ask each one of them to influence at least two. Tell them that there is bread on this side. Kwani pesa ya COVID ni ya nini?.