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A video has emerged showing Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala accusing Deputy President William Ruto of frustrating the efforts by Western Kenya leaders to secure the 70 percent vote for the UDA presidential candidate in the region.

These two once threatened to be on the ballot box if Raila doesn’t endorse them yet currently they are
being asked to bring only 70%votes from western in order to get a post that does not exist… :smiley:

Malala, who was speaking during a rally in Mwikalli village, Kakamega County, on Sunday, May 15, claimed that UDA was blackmailing politicians from partner parties in the Kenya Kwanza coalition to only support candidates from Ruto’s party.

The Senator stated that unless ANC and Ford Kenya were given a free hand to campaign on the ground, they would be unable to get 70 percent of the popular vote in Ruto’s favor.

He particularly questioned why he was being castigated for campaigning for ANC candidates yet other Kenya Kwanza politicians including former senator Boni Khalwale had endorsed aspirants of their choice.
Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala at the on Saturday, January 8, Eldoret Sports Club.

"We have already given UDA the top two positions. But please, Mheshimiwa Ruto, do not interfere with our bedroom because these seats mean a lot to us.

“Let us respect each other because, after the election, Ruto will stand aside with his numbers and so will Mudavadi. We do not want them to start saying they will not give us our share of the government because we failed to get 70 percent in Western. We cannot get that 70 percent if we do not have our own MPs,” the Senator stated.

The outspoken senator further called on members of the ANC to field candidates in all other elective positions in the county. He argued that it would give the party and its leader, Musalia Mudavadi bargaining power in the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

"I want to plead with my party ANC, if we are not careful, then we will be fixed. If we do not go to the ground in search of votes field candidates.

“If not, we will be told in the near future that even in Mudavadi’s Sabatia, the MP will have to come from UDA. They will look down upon us and thus there is a need to talk about these concerns in broad daylight,” the Kakamega gubernatorial candidate stated.

Efforts by [I][/I] to get a clarification on whether the matter had been resolved were futile as our text messages to Malala went unanswered.

Political zoning, which previously rocked the Azimio One Kenya coalition party, crept its way to Kenya Kwanza. On May 17, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa protested what she termed the conversion of Kilifi County into a Pamoja Africa Alliance (PAA) block.

She claimed that the region would deliver a six-piece vote under UDA. Jumwa further opposed the decision to appoint Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to lead Kenya Kwanza’s campaigns in the coast region, asking him to undergo social cleansing.

“We note with great concern that his bad record as county chief will affect the popularity of UDA in the county. In order to consolidate DP Ruto’s votes in Kilifi, we ask him to start making inroads in Kilifi while sanitizing himself,” the vocal MP stated.

Former Highway Secondary School principal, Patrick Maritim, has told the court that Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, did not sit his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams at the school in 2006.

Speaking before the court on Thursday, May 19, Maritim denied that Sudi was one of the candidates in the school at the time, further stating that the purported index number could not be traced back to him.

Maritim, who is currently the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for administration and public service at Bomet county, told the court that the index number belonged to another student.
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi addressing the press at his home in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County

To complicate the matter further, Maritim told the court there were no records to show that Sudi picked his result slip and school leaving certificate after completing Form Four.

“I can confirm that I went through the records of admission from the year he said he was at the school and that the name of Oscar Kipchumba Sudi was not appearing anywhere. Even the index number on the KCSE certificate belonged to another student,” Maritim told the court.

The case proceeded despite pleas from Sudi’s lawyers to have the matter adjourned after they told the court that their client was receiving treatment in Turkey.

The Magistrate declined the petition and ordered the defense to present documents to prove that Sudi had traveled. Once this was done, the court questioned the authenticity of the medical documents presented before it.

“You first told the court that the accused had traveled but now it is clear that he did not travel and has just booked a flight to Turkey. You seem not to be sure even of the documents you are presenting to the court,” the Magistrate stated.

Addressing Sudi’s lawyers, the Magistrate argued that the medical and travel documents presented by the MP were not sufficient proof that he had traveled for treatment.

The Anti-Corruption Court Chief Magistrate, Felix Kombo, told the lawyers to present additional medical documents and convince the court that Sudi was not in the country. The MP had skipped the case hearing for the second time in a row.

[li]Supporters of Kilifi Governor, Amason Jeffa Kingi, and his Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party have told off Malindi Member of Parliament, Aisha Jumwa, over her recent attacks on the outgoing governor’s integrity.[/li]Speaking during a press conference in Market Village in Malindi town, the supporters led by Patience Kipusa asked Jumwa to refrain from discrediting the governor, adding that the latter was the one who was synonymous with graft.
Kipusa asked Jumwa to keep Kingi’s name out of her mouth during her campaigns and promised to put up a fearless fight against her if she persists. She added that the governor’s move to join Kenya Kwanza was for the good of the people of Kilifi.
Governor Amason Kingi with DP William Ruto, Speaker J.B Muturi, MP Aisha Jumwa, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and Senator Moses Wetangula at Karen on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

“Governor Kingi has not done anything wrong to go to Kenya Kwanza, he has a vision for the people and that is why he moved from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza,” stated Kipusa.

In addition, Kingi’s supporters argued he legitimately joined the coalition because its flag-bearer, Deputy President William Ruto, entrusted him to deliver votes not only in Kilifi but the entire coastal region.

Referring to Kingi’s tenure in various leadership positions including Cabinet Minister, Governor and MP, Grace Kazungu - a supporter - demanded that the Jumwa accord him the respect he deserves, noting that he was above her league.
“We do not want to hear you again saying anything bad about our governor. Kingi is a lion, he will roar because he is the lion of Kilifi county. When you insult him, you poke us right in our eyes,” warned Kazungu.
Kazungu added that mudslinging Kingi would not earn Jumwa any political mileage but will make the voters turn against her.
Responding to the calls to vote for UDA candidates from the presidency to the MCA, Kingi’s supporters insisted that PAA would field candidates in five elective positions in the county.
The backlash comes after the Legislator, who is eyeing to succeed Kingi as the Kilifi governor, claimed that he had nothing to offer. Jumwa also differed with DP Ruto over Kingi’s appointment as Kenya Kwanza regional coordinator owing to his track record.
“I played a very big role in ensuring that Kingi joins Kenya Kwanza. So I know that there is nothing new he is bringing in. We note with great concern that his bad record as county chief will affect the popularity of UDA in the county unless he starts sanitizing himself with the people of Kilifi,” she stated.

Kingi decamped to Kenya Kwanza on May 10 following a fallout with the rival coalition party, Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party. He explained the lack of transparency and failure to disclose the contents of the coalition agreement affiliate parties signed pushed him to exit.
Leaked documents of the Ruto-led front revealed that the PAA leader had been offered the Speaker of Senate position. He also secured a development deals for the coast region.
Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and Deputy President William Ruto

atanegotiate na mama mboga

This cannot persuade nobody. It is just plain spamming. It is pointless, vanity. People have already decided. What you can do now if you want to appeal to people more effectively ni uzunguke ukiwapa jero jero. The young ones might change their minds.


Are you one among the young ones?

I am one among those who’ve already decided, resolved, determined, picked…

Never trust a man who wears oversized suits like Gachagua.



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AZIMIO is gaining alot in central. They have been cheated by Rootall for the last 5 yrs. Karua& baba has changed the ground.
AZIMIO is here with us. Those corrupt Leaders from UDAku party will hibernate for good

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You think this will sway my decision now? I cannot vote for Raila hata nikiwekewa bunduki kichwani. NEVER!

We don’t care about your empty head , still many will vote him and he will be the 5th not majambazi wawili sugu

Still not trusted

You don’t say oooo

What sort of people are you folks listening to. Someone who cannot even prove their attendance to school? You want them to run your country

Pewa mbili mdau na urushe till number Priss.
JSKS @Deputy Presidente choice has woken up the mountain from the stupefying mchele drug that was being given to them.
Niko mashinani and it’s an earthquake I tell you

kindiki kithure arudishwe

Sisi hapa kwa mlima we can never vote for those 2 thieves (looto + that stupid DO) hata tukiwekelewa bunduki kichwani. Tutingithura miici. Nitwarega. Na ucokie urimu ucio waku kuuria nyumba ya tugege. Bure kabisa.

We’ve been here for long now. We’ve seen quite much. We are still here. We will see.

Meanwhile, how are you enjoying life down there in the fantasy world of azimidiots, the country officially known as the Delusional Republic of Dreamland?

Uhuru anatubeba kama gumboots. Mvua ikinyesha anatuvaa. Kukikauka anatupa sisi chini ya kitanda. Last elections wewe, mimi, @Nattydread, @Meria Mata, @gashwin and many others, we were vouching for the dynamic dual. Suddenly after elections, without any warning whatsoever, he switched sides! The reasons? Can’t tell!

I was with courtesy of Uhuru. I would never had supported Ruto. But given Ruto vs Raila, that’s no brainer!

WSR fumbled big time.

Rigathi is an uncouth and uncultured swine.

Hata 1 week haijisha ashafanya 2 major gaffes- kuita Martha ‘yule mmama’ and asking watu wapewe mchele state lodge cz hio tu ndio wanataka.

Hakuna tofauti yake na Gakuyo.

I’m a shiny eye but ata afadhali angepea MaDVD to make the contest interesting.