Kimbelembele Praiminista

Now you know why Kibaki could not deal with JaKuon.


hapo ndio mtu anakulanga sweep bure!

Babuon amejaribu sana, he willstill be in the ballot in 2022

He has a hard on for elections, i wount be surprised.


omg how embarrassing :confused:

:eek::eek: what the? :D:D:D:D

Kibaki doesn’t like to share :D:D here’s a video when he was a baby


Poor Kenya!!!

Huyu jamaa si anakuaga na shida mingi za kujitafutia.
In his mind he was probably thinking ‘am a co president and must touch it’.

Alipigwa wachilia teketeke ile design ya 2k7 he thought alishinda but alijua hajui. He can’t win against the hauz of mumbi.

The trophy belonged to FIFA, not Kibaki, and I’m sure all present knew the protocols.

Three dates in recent memory affirm TV the above: 8/8/2017, 26/10/2017 and 30/1/2018.

I was saying that, tongue in cheek, and that’s why I included the laughing emoji

Quoting NRM general raiya is a cry baby kazi yake ni kuthrow tantrum luckly we have a president and a DP who don’t tolerate nonsense. They won’t baby sit him.
Ni hayo tu watu waende church

Thought so too… :cool:

Now which president will hold the trophy when it arrive in Kenya
Republic president or people’s president.

Nice question the answer is the one with the symbol of power huyu mwenye alijiapisha sound and read ni mwitu he is nobody kwa FIFA.

Kenya ni moja.Under one leader. Hahah

The same rules that made that FIFA guy swat JaKuon’s claws off the trophy are still in force.

They should commission a peoples trophy the way they did a coat-of-arms that had lions with crooked teeth.