Kimani Ichungwa: Arrest Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta over Monday demonstrations.


Kimani Ichungwa tells the Inspector General of Police to arrest Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta over Monday demonstrations.


This SOB Ichungwa is drunk with power.
Kenyan politicians should know that elected officials are servants of the people, not LORDS over the people.

The demonstrations are in reaction to the ineptness, arrogance and corruption of the current Kula Kwanza regime

Ichungwa comes from a butchery and slaughterhouse background and might be equating Kenyans to cows in his mind

We say a resounding NO to this arrogance

Do some of this politicians like Ichungwa & Ndindi Nyoro ever think of what will happen to them and their utterance against Uhuru who was once their party & also community leader after Ruto is out of office because he won`t be in office forever and eventually those two have to come back home.

Kimani is a graduate of Alliance…the welder alisomea wapi? Ojinga was so stupid kutoka utotoni…hata KCPE…back then …was bandia…:D…kina Kibaki qualified to…Mang’u…Ojinga hakuna hata degree ama high school…kipii tu…mwenzake Marthare karua alikuwa na 200/600 marks KCPE equivalent…how now :D…check her high school transcript lol…bunch of dunderheads…born idiots always idiots

But hawakuli welfare daily wanking in a cold hovel like you in Boston Massachusetts
Badooo mapambanoooo!

They can try and detain Rao for just 10 minutes

Hehe, is that how the graduate of a good school puts out a fire–by slowly pouring a basin full of gasoline into it?

Kimani Ichungwa’ didn’t go to Alliance through merit,it’s just that the school is in his neighbourhood and his then popular dad was a friend of the school’s principal at the time.
It was not through his effort

These guys in government shouting, do this and do that, will have to eat their words in future, because that’s speaking without seeing beyond the future results of what they are yelling for. If you know the history of Kenya, you know that arresting–even shooting-- protesters, has never solved any problem; it simply simmers, then it flares up even stronger. It happened in Moi’s regime, destroyed people like Matiba, and solved nothing.
What we are facing is a constitutional crisis: we need to find a way of legitimately sharing power in a way the constitution allows; meaning, we need a constitutional amendment. Without it, these disruptions will bug us after every election. We simply can’t move forward this way, development-wise. Ruto himself opposed this same constitution when it was being passed some 13 years ago, citing issues he didn’t agree with. Those issues are still there, plaguing his term as President. He can now move towards addressing them, rather than listen to those advising on a hardline stance which will only make his work harder.

Aache kuingilia Uhuru na si tafasali.
Kimani Ichungwa thinks that because he was once elected unopposed, he is the most popular politician in the whole world.
Asimame kama Gafana tuone umahili wake.

If you try to shake the mugumo tree only your buttocks will shake

Hehe, leo ni world championships. :D:D

Kama smart Uhuru aliavoid kushika high priest of corruption Zachayo, kuavoid South sudan 2nd civil war VP na Prezzo ,Sembuse the SON OF JARAMOGI!

Ichungwa another sycophant like kihika kimani na jj kamotho

Huyo Shoga ndio ame maliza kukazwa mkia na Farooq Keybet.

Ambieni hio kipii Tinga Wuod Alego was doing this when he was still clinging on his mother’s breasts. Ama if he is really committed apewe bunduki na pingu aende amshike mwenyewe. Kwani anafikiria IG alikuwa anagonga advice take ndio aahile Tinga?


Si Uhunye ana relax pale kwa ranch in between international assignments? How is he involved?

Ama ni kutajataja watu bure for political mileage?

Tinga Mwana wa Odinga long told us never to kick or stone every barking dog. Some are just doing the owner’s bidding for a bone in exchange. Tafuta mwenye umbwa afungie umbwa yake.

:D:D:D:D:D. Kimani Ichungwa akichungulia hapa anaweza kulia. Hamna huruma wadau.