Kimakia should follow suit against talker who call him gey

In 2006, Ashley Cole sued the News of the World and The Sun newspapers for libel after they printed allegations that he was involved in a “homosexual orgy”. Both papers retracted the allegations.

Tetea mwenzako

Hanitetei kwanza wewe i will sue you to your last penny.I can destroy you

Asante sana…Ahh so there is a way of getting back at @Electronics4u ,the guy even tag’s me on gayinsh related thread na kusema @Kimakia “ebu kuja hapa kidogo” …I will not just sue ktalk but also add @uwesmake and @Tom Bayeye in the mix

:Dur car ingine

Did you mead file suit? :D:D:D

Kwa kesi tunaleta thread ilimkinda

It’s not libel if it’s true.

pot calling kettle black :smiley:

Fcuk your mix,naogopa tupatane unaeza ninajisi ghaseer. Unapenda story za kimkundu sana

No doubt about that but the fact remains you are a fcking fag at the end of th


Ebu bring out the real dossier if you have it…hehehehe we were gripped by the scandals in the News of the World and The Sun. Both owned by Rupert Murdoch at the time along with many other media outlets all over the world.
So back to this hot scandal…Ashley Cole was apparently shagging one top music mogul along with another top footballer. I dare not mention names here as I could be sued na sina mahela mimi. All I know is he is a godamn racist pig and took sides with that pig JT when it was him versus the Ferdinads.
Years later the News of the World was banned and the juicy gossip went down with it…Sunday morn hang’ees were never the same as we used to wake up and go thru muchene…